Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

October 3, 2013

U.S. 23 receiving major upgrade

Staff report
The Independent

GREENUP — The major highway running through Greenup County is getting a major safety upgrade.

The project, which will run 29 miles from the state line at the U.S. Grant Bridge in South Portsmouth to the Greenup-Boyd County line, will upgrade the entire length of U.S. 23 with paved, wider shoulders, additional turn lanes, wider entrance and exit pads and acceleration lanes, State Rep. Tanya Pullin announced Wednesday.

 In addition to widening shoulders, the project includes additional or extended turn lanes at 20 intersections along U.S. 23, which were chosen based on safety factors such as traffic volume and the type of traffic entering the highway.

Those locations include:

‰ Extend dual left turn lanes on northbound U.S. 23 to Ky. 693 (Diederich Boulevard).

‰ Right turn lane northbound U.S. 23 to Chinn Street, and right turn lane southbound U.S. 23 to Ky. 693.

‰ Right turn lane northbound U.S. 23 to Heaberlin Road.

‰ Right turn lanes on northbound and southbound U.S. 23 to Ky. 503.

‰ Right turn lanes, median acceleration lanes at three industrial locations,  8.3-8.9 mile markers.

‰ Extend right turn lane on Ky. 2541.

‰ Right turn lane at Ky. 2.

‰ Right turn lane and median acceleration lane at Kentucky Transportation Cabinet facility.

‰ Extended turn lane northbound U.S. 23 and median acceleration lane southbound U.S. 23 at Musketeer Drive (Greenup County High School·)

‰ Additional lane on Ky. 10 (A-A Highway) approaching U.S. 23 to accommodate traffic movements

‰ Turn lanes at Ky. 3116.

‰ Turn lanes at Ky. 1043.

‰ Turn lanes at Ky. 3117.

‰ Turn lane at Ky. 2538.

‰ Turn lanes at Biggs Lane.

‰ Turn lanes at Kings Addition and McKell Lane.

‰ Right turn lane at Bulldog Lane.

‰ Left turn median lane southbound U.S. 23 into McKell Elementary School.

‰ Turn lanes at Ky. 7.

‰ Turn lanes and median acceleration lanes at three industrial facilities.

 “This is the biggest safety upgrade to U.S. 23 in Greenup County since the four-lane was built approximately 40 years ago,” said Pullin, D-South Shore.

 Pullin noted U.S. 23 is the largest highway in Greenup County and nearly all residents of the county use the road for a variety of daily activities, such as shopping, visiting the doctor or hospital, or traveling to work or high school.

 “Gov. (Steve) Beshear has been with us all the way on this important project and I have thanked him on behalf of all people who travel this highway for the years of safer driving in the future,” she said.

 “Highway upgrades like this one for U.S. 23 in Greenup County not only make travel easier, they make travel safer,” Beshear said. “Rep. Tanya Pullin should be commended for her hard work on behalf of the citizens of Greenup County. The multiple enhancements to this heavily-traveled highway will benefit Greenup County citizens and the surrounding region for years to come.”

Pullin has also asked for the public to be patient and drive with caution during the construction phase, which has begun and will last for about two months. “Please allow extra travel time and be cautious around the highway construction workers,” she said. “These workers are someone’s dad or mom or son or daughter."