Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

November 4, 2012

MELINDA HESTER: Coupon deals a reflection of Thanksgiving meals

For The Independent

ASHLAND — We’re on our way to Thanksgiving, and the store sales reflect that. Everything in its season. Stock up on Thanksgiving deals, which will be on baking items, cranberries, turkey at its cheapest, pumpkin, stuffing and chicken broth. The coupon match-ups reflect the season.

Buying cranberries now means fresh cranberries . Grab them while you can. You can refrigerate fresh cranberries for up to two weeks.

One of my favorite dishes is Jellied Cranberry Relish at Thanksgiving. Buy the cherry or raspberry Jello now while they have plenty. This is the first thing your stores will run out of.

Jellied Cranberry Relish

1 lb. Fresh Cranberries

1 Cup Sugar

1 small package Cherry Jello

¼ cup Celery , finely chopped

¼ cup orange slice, finely chopped

¼ cup pecans finely chopped

Wash Cranberries, drain and remove bad ones, stems; chop coarsely. Add sugar and let mixture stand for 15 min, stirring often. Sprinkle jello gelatin in in small saucepan with 1⁄2 cup of water. Place over low heat, stirring until gelatin is dissolved. Add, orange, celery, nuts to the berries. Mix well. Turn into a mold or glass dish, and refrigerate until set and firm. This takes 6-8 hours. Invert on serving plate . Place a hot damp cloth on bottom of mold, shake and release.


Christmas presents that fit in our budget are going on now. When we see mark-downs of 40 percent on Halloween costumes, have you ever thought of Christmas gifts? What little girl wouldn’t love a princess costume complete with glass slippers for Christmas? Girls and boys love to play dress-up. Pirate costumes for the boys, complete with swords and eye patches. Spiderman costumes make great gifts at fantastic prices. Buy them at Rite Aid, and you can use your store bucks.


Our friend Sabra at CVS told us about a new phone app called “KeyRing” on our last shopping adventure.

Sabra said that within minutes of downloading this app, she had three coupons for the store. You simply put your phone on the counter and the coupons are credited.

Other phone apps you may want to use that have our approval:

‰CardStar — You can put your store loyalty cards on it, and all of your information is on the app. Just show your phone to the cashier. It also, features deals when you walk in the store.

‰Coupon Sherpa — Rated best for getting coupons. Cashiers can scan this one directly from your phone, too. With thousands of stores represented, you have a great chance of taking money off of just about anything you’re going to buy.

‰ShopKick — Good at Macy’s and Target and other nationwide stores. You earn points, or “kicks,” just for entering a participating store. These “kicks” can be redeemed for little things like Starbuck coffee or for big things like a Coach purse.

These apps work on Android, iPhone, or Blackberry.


‰Gain dish detergent - .88 cents. Coupon .25 cents.

‰Starbucks Coffee or K Cups - $7.99. Coupon $1.50 off 1 or $3 off two. How much can I save in a year if I make my own Starbucks at home and carry it with me? Approximately $1200 a year if you buy your coffee at Starbucks verses .13 cents a cup if you make it yourself.

‰All Detergent - B1G1 Free. Use coupon $2 off 2 and $1 / 1. If you use the $1 use 2 Even the free one counts as a purchase.

‰Arm and Hammer Crystal Burst Power Paks -$2.99.

‰Glade Products - $4 EB if you spend $12.

‰Glade Spray - .99 cents. Coupon .55 cents.

‰Glade Candles - 2/$6. Coupon $1.50 /2

‰$3 EB when you buy 3 American Greeting Cards. Buy the 99 cent ones. Limit one deal.

‰Bic Soleil Razors - B1G1 50% off. Use BOGO coupon. No price stated.

‰Scope 1 litre mouthwash- $2.99. $1.50 coupon = $1.49

‰Covergirl - The ExtraCare Coupon Center will give you a store coupon for $2.

‰Covergirl Lip Perfection - $7.59. You might want to pick up two and use the $3 coupon off two Covergirl products and the $2 store coupon (stacking). That would be $10.18 for two and you could use that $10 EB from last weeks P&G deal. For .18 cents and tax, you have 2 great lipsticks.

Rite Aid

‰Pepsi products - 3/$12. Get back $4 UP.

‰Cascade - $2.99. Coupon .50 cents.

‰Glade Spray - .97 cents. Coupon 55 cents.

‰Glade Candles 2/$5 Coupon - $1.50 off 2

‰Gillette Sensor 3 $7.49 - Coupon $2 - $2 Up

‰Rite Aid has a 24 hour rule on using your UP Rewards, but if you bought the Pepsi and the Gillette Sensors, you could come back the next day, and buy one Cascade using your 50 cent coupon, and 2 Glade Candles using your $1.50 off 2 coupon , and one Glade spray using your 55 cent coupon. Use your $6 in UP Rewards, and you will only owe 41 cents plus tax for this deal.