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May 10, 2013

AT&T unleashes 4G LTE network in Ashland

ASHLAND — AT&T has turned on its 4G LTE network in Ashland, bringing local customers the latest generation of wireless network technology.

“The wireless networks we use every day are becoming as important to our economy and quality of life as the roads, bridges and railroads we have depended on for so long,” said state Sen. Walter Blevins, D-Morehead. “By better enabling our friends and neighbors to use cutting-edge technology in their daily lives, we open the door a little wider to new opportunity for Kentucky.”

“Broadband technology is a passport to the future for our citizens. It opens doors of economic opportunity, both in terms of improved education and new jobs. So when more broadband is deployed to more people, it’s an excellent step in assuring Kentuckians will not be trapped on the wrong side of a digital divide,” said state Rep. Kevin Sinnette, D-Ashland.

Here are several of the benefits of AT&T 4G LTE:

Faster speeds. LTE technology is capable of delivering mobile Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. Customers can stream, download, upload and game faster.

New devices. AT&T offers several LTE-compatible devices, including new AT&T 4G LTE smartphones and tablets.

Faster response time. LTE technology offers lower latency, or the processing time it takes to move data through a network, such as how long it takes to start downloading a webpage or file once you’ve sent the request. Lower latency helps to improve services like mobile gaming, two-way video calling and telemedicine.

More efficient use of spectrum. Wireless spectrum is a finite resource, and LTE uses spectrum more efficiently than other technologies, creating more space to carry data traffic and services and to deliver a better network experience.

“We want Kentuckians to have access to the best technology available so they can stay connected when they’re on the go,” said Amy Scarborough, regional director of external affairs for AT&T Kentucky. “This investment is just one way that we’re investing in our commonwealth to provide our customers with the fast and reliable service upon which they depend.”

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