Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

June 27, 2013

Yogurt shop tips put to good use

Mark Maynard
The Independent

ASHLAND — You never know where a tip might end up.

At Orange Leaf, they may just help a non-profit near you.

Every Sunday, the staff at the frozen yogart shop puts back all the tips gathered and decides later where the money will go.

“They decide as a group,” said Erica Myers, the manager at the Ashland Orange Leaf. “It’s exciting to give.”

Sometimes the pot will grow for two or three months before the staff decides wear to give the money. On Tuesday, they decided to give $280 to marathon runner Amy Compston’s amyforafrica.com fund that will go to United Christian Expeditions mission in Uganda.

Compston stopped in to collect the money from Myers and Danielle Hamm, who works there as a shift manager. Brice Anderson, a partner in the Orange Leaf operations from Kentucky, was also on hand.

“This is such a blessing,” Compston said. “We so appreciate what you did with this donation.”

Compston has a goal of raising $10,000 before she runs a 50-mile Ultra Marathon in November. The organization recently surpassed $4,000 in only four weeks.

Myers said her staff was pleased to support such a worthy cause. She said that’s what the Sunday tips were all about.

“We decide on different ones to pick from and we really thought this was a good one,” Hamm said.

Tips throughout the week are divided per how many hours a staffer works, Myers said. But the Sunday tips all go toward a donation.

“We hadn’t given anything in the past 2-3 months,” Myers said, “so it had grown quite a bit.”

The tip bucket is in front of the cash register at the checkout.

Anderson said it was the organization’s philosophy to “give to others. Some organizations are closed on Sundays. We try to use our business to give to others.”

Myers said they would continue collecting the Sunday tips and put them away until it was time to give to another charity.

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