Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

November 1, 2012

Drip the Waterdog makes fashion statement

Morgan Canty
The Independent

ASHLAND — If you walk into the Ashland City Building, the first thing you will notice is Drip the Waterdog, a painted plastic Dalmatian in the lobby.  

Drip is dressed by city cashier Debbie Eoff in costumes that coincide with the season or holiday.

Eoff buys costumes for the dog at the Dollar General and makes some costume pieces herself. She said one of her favorite costumes is his summer outfit of a coconut bra, a grass skirt, a pair of sunglasses and a pina colada.  

Drip was dressed as a firefighter for Fire Prevention Month in October and will be dressed as a pilgrim to celebrate Thanksgiving.  

He is loved by the children who ride him and try on his costumes as well as the parents who need a baby sitter while they take care of business. Some even talk to Drip and have their picture taken with him.

At the beginning of his life, Drip was painted by a local artist, Gary Preston, and called Urban Dog. When Preston auctioned him at Paws on the River, the dog was bought by the police department. Although he was bought with good intentions, he suffered from abuse from some who came into the station.  

When Eoff saw this “injustice,” she decided to rescue the dog.  

“I was a rebel on the Save Drip Foundation,” she said. After his rescue, he was brought to his current home at the city building where his popularity inspired his new owner to start dressing him up, and the tradition has continued every month since then.  

Those at the city building appreciate Drip’s presence and love how much fun it is to dress him and see his fun costumes every month.  

Eoff, who has been dressing him for four or five years, said having Drip around makes work more enjoyable and brightens the day of all who interact with him.