Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

March 31, 2013

WATCHING AMY RUN: Bathroom break, fartlek training and no more pain

For The Independent

ASHLAND — This is the sixth in an eight-week diary series following 28-year-old Amy Compston — a fulltime nurse, wife and mother of four — during her preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15.



I worked last night so I didn’t sleep real well today. I had Jarek all day so I got about three solid hours of sleep. Luckily, I only had to run five miles today. I ran five miles at a 7:20 pace. I felt great, very relaxed and did not have any pain. I did feel a little tightening in my left leg so I am going to ice it tonight. The weather was chilly today, 38 degrees with snow flurries and some wind. I really enjoyed the run today.

I told my husband, in a weird way, I’m thankful for my injury because I was starting to get burned out. Burnout happens to me toward the end of each marathon training period. It’s the few weeks before the race when you’re so mentally ready to race but physically your body needs some rest and recovery time before race day. So you still have a good 130 miles left to get in. You start to just want them to be over so you can race. But now, since the injury, I’m not burned out but so thankful just to be able to run. The “bump in the road” changed my whole attitude and perspective. I’m just truly going to enjoy these last couple of weeks. Each run is a mile closer to Boston! I’m so excited! So pumped! God is so good!    


Today was my long run for this week. Ten miles completed at a comfortable 7:58 pace. That time also was with a bathroom break. For a runner, a bathroom break is not stop running and go use the toilet … nope, it was all with Mother Nature and leaves to wipe. I’m not too proud to tell this but all long distance runners have done it. During a marathon, you will see people run in the woods and back out several times throughout the race. Oh the joys of running! All in all, a great run. No pain, just some tightening in my left calf. Very excited for Boston! Can’t wait! To God be the glory.


Slept in today and it felt great! I woke up at 7:19 a.m. but that sure beats 3 a.m. or 5 a.m. I didn’t get my run in until about 3 p.m. and it went great — six miles at a 7:17 pace.  It wasn’t my best time but it was absolutely pain free. No tightness, no pain ... it was great! Being only two weeks out from getting an injury, I’m praising God for healing me! My God, Jesus Christ, is alive and active! Yes he died on the cross but he rose again three days later!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise God for his love! Praise God for his amazing grace!

I wrote yesterday about how simple and human I am (using the bathroom in the woods) and yet the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator and Savior died for me! God is great all the time!

I’m excited for spring but most of all I’m excited for Easter! What a beautiful day to celebrate. To celebrate the one true God … who is alive and active today. He loves, heals, restores and prepares us and is with us every step of the way!


So today was a little rough. I worked last night, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., had my 2-year-old all day … so sleep today was very limited and I feel very tired. Today I had fartleks to do for my workout. A fartlek run is where you sprint 3-4 minutes and then jog one minute. I did this for five miles. It was a very intense workout. Today I feel like Satan is attacking me. I’ve got bronchitis, which made my run every difficult to get through, and our truck broke down. I locked the keys in my car. No sleep. Even my hairbush broke today, just snapped in two pieces. What a day! The stress just keeps mounting … at least that’s the way it feels. But praise God for his grace! He gives us the grace we need to handle whatever comes our way … big or small! I honestly believe God has great things in store for each of us if we don’t allow Satan to distract us with these earthly problems. I’m just going to focus on Christ. As long as I’m doing what he wants, he will take care of the rest better than I could ever ask or imagine.


Good Friday! Praise God for giving his only son, Jesus, as a sacrifice so that we may live together with him!

Today was such a great run. It was absolutely beautiful weather – a perfect 55 degrees and sunny. I was able to run in a tank-top and shorts. I ran six miles at a 7:02 pace with three big hills incorporated. Absolutely pain free, no tightness in my left calf, no discomfort at all! So thankful and excited! Seventeen days until Race Day! The nervous injury is starting to kick in. I can’t wait! Until then, though, I’m just truly enjoying the great opportunity God has blessed me with. We made our official dinner reservation to Cheers in Boston yesterday. So thankful to get this great experience with most of my family!! Red Sox tickets purchased for Saturday before the race (on Monday). God is just so good!


What a gorgeous day! Sunny and awesome 56 degrees when I ran today! Absolutely perfect running weather. I ran eight miles at a 7:36 pace and then it was off to the gym for strength training. I felt great today once again with no pain or discomfort! I’m healing quickly and, for that, I’m so grateful! God’s creation this time of year is just so beautiful. I love the flowers blooming at the park, the clear blue skies and I love the smell of fresh-cut grass! I actually smelled that today during my run! If we just look around, we can’t deny God is amazing. His creation is beautifully and wonderfully made. God is above all, in all and through all! I praise God for this perfect Easter weekend!


Happy Easter Sunday! For me, today is a rest day – no running, just enjoying this beautiful day of celebration. I’m thanking Jesus Christ that Easter Sunday was not a rest day for him. No, instead, he arose and conquered the grave! He’s alive!!! Praise God for his son Jesus, our way to him. Praise God for his love and grace! Praise God for he is active and alive! He is never resting, always working, for the good of those who love him.

AMY COMPSTON can be reached at amylwesolowski@yahoo.com