Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

June 25, 2013

Changing the tools of the trade

Lifestyle changes can benefit health

Charles Romans
For The Independent

ASHLAND — Rosa DeLong, who holds a doctorate in physical therapy, says there is benefit for young and old who participate in healthy fitness lifestyle changes.

DeLong stresses an ongoing change to achieve results for both her physical therapy clients at Pro Therapy Solutions and the members of the new fitness center, Ashland Pro Fitness, she operates with her husband Walt DeLong.

She stays with her clients throughout the process of evaluation, setting goals based on each individual’s needs and physical capacity. This direct participation allows DeLong to alter or adjust goals and help her clients heal faster.

“I knew in high school that I wanted to be a physical therapist, and was motivated toward that goal.”   

DeLong’s motivation led her through more than six years of college to earn her doctorate. This time was followed up by work with clients on an outpatient basis, in hospitals and long-term care as well.

Dealing with the needs of her physical therapy patients and helping them return to their post-surgery level of health and beyond is gratifying to DeLong, who enjoys not only helping people heal but also to learn the benefits of a change in lifestyle.

“There has to be a basic change in the way we eat and how we look at fitness,” she ssaid. “There always has to be some effort involved, but even minor changes can benefit and help with everything from illness and surgical recovery to the minor aches and pains in life.”

The new fitness center connected with DeLong’s practice helps to facilitate patient recovery by allowing everything from cardio training to progressive weight training. As the name implies it is also a well-equipped and maintained fitness facility that can accommodate members of any fitness level. There are weight machine for resistance training, free weights, and in the cardio area there are treadmills and elliptical machines.  

There is also a separate area dedicated to what Walt DeLong refers to as Extreme Cross Training, and members can make use of this area for exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and squats. There is also TRX band training, which involves suspension by the TRX bands and using one’s own body weight to provide resistance for the exercise.

“I wanted to set up the best gym that I could,” Walt DeLong said. His experience with weight training and fitness began when he was in the seventh grade, and continued through his days at Ironton High School.

DeLong has trained for and played numerous sports including track, basketball, and varsity football; and he followed those beginnings with impressive accomplishments during a successful collegiate career.

“The personal trainers are really up on all the advancements in health and fitness,” DeLong said. “They help you focus on the big picture because you can’t expect to just come into the gym and lift weights and expect to see the results you want if you aren’t eating right at home. The trainers also help you make goals and a plan on how to stick with your goals. They can work with you one on one, but there are classes as well. And the beauty of the setup is that we can scale almost anything to fit the individual’s level.”

Chanel Carter supports DeLong’s assessment on the changes in fitness science.

She is not only one of the personal trainers, but also a competing fitness model. Carter says that she does a fitness and lifestyle assessment on each of her clients to help them set and achieve reasonable goals.

Carter herself is a good example of how a change in lifestyle can benefit a person regardless of fitness level. She has been a personal trainer since 2008 and a nutritionist since 2009, but she says that once she fully committed herself to training she has seen amazing results. That commitment increased not only her fitness level but her confidence as well. And the commitment and confidence helped her to enter competitions and fitness modeling. Her first competition was in 2012, and recently she earned second-place trophies in the model, bikini, and appearance categories.

“It’s amazing what improving your level of fitness will do for you,” Carter said about the results of lifestyle change. “I have noticed that my energy is high, and I am more resistant to sickness.”

Ashland Pro Fitness is planning an open house for the Fourth of July weekend. For more details, Pro Therapy Solutions can be reached at (606) 326-010 or at pro-therapysolutions.com. Ashland Pro Fitness can be reached by calling (606) 744-3504 or on Facebook at facebook.com/Ashland.Profitness. Both are in the Shannon Plaza in Ashland.