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March 1, 2012

Elementary district Governor's Cup results

ASHLAND — District 112    


1. Hunter West (Worthington)

2. Rylee Austin (Worthington)

3. Griffin Keeton (Greysbranch)

4. Braeden Sparks (Greysbranch)

5. Jonathan Coleman (McKell)

Social studies

1. Brady Justice (Worthington)

2. Logan Robinson (Greysbranch)

3. Harley Dixon (McKell)

4. Jacob Crum (Argillite)

5. Eric Moore (Greysbranch)


1. Brecken Thomas (Greysbranch)

2. Brady Stone (Argillite)

3. Polly Dalton (Wurtland)

4. Tomoro Harris (Argillite)

5. Connor French (McKell)

Language arts

1. Baille Riffe (Worthington)

2. Drew Preston (Worthington)

3. Abby Cox (Greysbranch)

4. Emily Elkins (Wurtland)

4. Andrew Brown (Greysbranch)

4. Landon Mauk (Worthington)


1. Sydney Brewer (Wurtland)

2. Lauren Gearheart (Worthington)

3. Gracie Haywood (Greysbranch)

4. Ashleigh May (Worthington)

5. Emily Hunt (Greysbranch)

Arts and humanities

1. Baille Riffe (Worthington)

2. Emilee Garvin (Worthington)

3. Sophia Shoemaker (Greysbranch)

4. Gracie Haywood (Greysbranch)

5. Timothy Wright (Wurtland)

Future Problem Solving Team     

1. Argillite Elementary

2. Worthington Elementary

3. Greysbranch Elementary

4. McKell Elementary


1.Worthington 52

2.Greysbranch 36

3.Argillite 16

4.Wurtland 13

5.McKell 7             

Quick recall

1. Worthington Elementary

2. Greysbranch Elementary

3. Wurtland Elementary

4. McKell Elementary

Hume Sportsmanship

Argillite Elementary

District 113


1. Paul Henderson (Russell McDowell)

2. Carmen Hsieh (Russell McDowell)

3. Shaina Ward (Fairview)

4. Chloe DeGiorgio (Holy Family)

5. Nolan Sabotchick (Holy Family)

Social studies

1. Ethan Volk (Holy Family)

2. Jackson Whitlock (Fairview)

3. Josh Griffith (Russell McDowell)

4. Jonathan Duty (Fairview)

5. Olivia Martin (Russell McDowell)


1. Ethan Volk (Holy Family)

2. Claire Gussler (Holy Family)

3. Jake Horne (Russell McDowell)

4. Jackson Whitlock (Fairview)

5. Braden Pack (Russell McDowell)

5. Barrett Blevins (Russell McDowell)

Language arts

1. Claire Gussler (Holy Family)

2. Carmen Hsieh (Russ. McDow)

3. Payton Scott (Crabbe)

4. Cadence Stephens (Crabbe)

5. Ian Shumate (Holy Family)


1. Madison Leep (Fairview)

2. Laura Nestor (Russell McDowell)

3. Bella-luna Kesling (Crabbe)

4. Georgia Arrington (Holy Family)

5. Olivia Martin (Russell McDowell)

Arts and humanities

1. Hannah Greenhill (Russell McDowell)

2. Spencer Wills (Crabbe)

3. Ryan Sargent (Fairview)

4. Kierra Oney (Fairview)

5. Sydney Wright (Holy Family)

Future Problem Solving Team     

1. Russell McDowell Intermediate

2. Crabbe Elementary

3. Fairview Elementary


1.Russell McDowell 44

2.Holy Family 34

3.Fairview 27

4.Crabbe 18

Quick recall

1. Holy Family School (Boyd)

2. Russell McDowell Intermediate

3. Fairview Elementary

4. Crabbe Elementary

Hume Sportsmanship

Holy Family School (Boyd)

District 114


1. Robbie Francis (Charles Russell)

2. Julie Clere (Oakview)

3. Shalayna Rice (Charles Russell)

4. Spencer Johnson (Hager)

5. Spencer Lett (Oakview)

Social studies

1. Zach Greene (Charles Russell)

2. Shelby Foutch (Hager)

3. Kylie Rhoton (Hager)

4. Andrea Conley (Oakview)

4. Julie Clere (Oakview)


1. Spencer Johnson (Hager)

2. Will Spade (Hager)

3. Shalayna Rice (Charles Russell)

4. Robbie Francis (Charles Russell)

5. Brianna Lambert (Charles Russell)

Language arts

1. Spencer Lett (Oakview)

2. Maddy Greene (Charles Russell)

3. Kaitlyn Lee (Charles Russell)

3. Brianna Lambert (Charles Russell)

5. Justin Lucas (Oakview)

5. Kyle McComis (Hager)


1. Olivia Allen (Charles Russell)

2. Emma Spade (Hager)

3. Mykayla Akers (Oakview)

4. Megan Redman (Hager)

5. Chloe VanHorn (Charles Russell)

Arts and humanities

1. Olivia Short (Poage)

2. Olivia Allen (Charles Russell)

3. Courtney Jones (Poage)

4. Emily Potter (Hager)

5. Ashley Hudson (Oakview)

Future Problem Solving Team

1. Charles Russell Elementary

2. Oakview Elementary

3. Hager Elementary

4. Poage Elementary


Charles Russell 54

Hager 30.5

Oakview 27.5

Poage 12

Catlettsburg 0

Quick recall

1. Charles Russell Elementary

2. Oakview Elementary

3. Poage Elementary

4. Hager Elementary

Hume Sportsmanship

Catlettsburg Elementary

District 115


1. Greydon McCall (Summit)

2. Ryan Griffith (Ponderosa)

3. Hannah Perry (Ponderosa)

4. Maggie Woods (Summit)

5. Drew Bartram (Cannonsburg)

5. Matthew Stubblefield (Cannonsburg)

Social studies

1. Ryan Trogdon (Ponderosa)

2. T.R. Nolen (Cannonsburg)

3. Nathan Ashworth (Rose Hill)

4. Kennedy Jones (Ponderosa)

5. Devon Yates (Summit)


1. Nathan Ashworth (Rose Hill)

2. Justin Lawrence (Cannonsburg)

3. Noah Phillips (Cannonsburg)

4. Clay Woods (Rose Hill)

4. Jasmine Parsons (Ponderosa)

Language arts

1. Shelby Willis (Summit)

2. Abrial Cobern (Cannonsburg)

2. Tiffany Crews (Ponderosa)

4. Grace Stubblefield (Cannonsburg)

4. Luke Ellis (Summit)


1. Shelby Willis (Summit)

2. Tiffany Crews (Ponderosa)

3. Abrial Cobern (Cannonsburg)

4. April Stinson (Cannonsburg)

5. Maggie Kinnel (Summit)

Arts and humanities

1. Katlynn Shumway (Rose Hill)

2. Grace Miller (Summit)

3. Brett Woods (Rose Hill)

4. Chris Ringrose (Summit)

5. Abrial Cobern (Cannonsburg)

Future Problem Solving Team     

1. Ponderosa Elementary

2. Summit Elementary

3. Cannonsburg Elementary


1.Summit Elementary 39.5

2.Ponderosa Elementary 36

3.Cannonsburg Elementary 29

4.Rose Hill Christian 18.5

Quick recall

1. Summit Elementary

2. Ponderosa Elementary

3. Cannonsburg Elementary

4. Rose Hill Christian School

Hume Sportsmanship

Rose Hill Christian School

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