Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

January 3, 2013

Shoe collection kicks up excitement at Highlands

Lee Ward
Associated Press

ASHLAND — Footwear is the focus of an exhibit at the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center in Ashland.

A collection of more than 150 pieces of art representing shoes, owned by Agatha Weinfurtner, is on loan to the museum, including the first piece she received as a gift.

Weinfurtner said she would loan the exhibit to the museum during the holidays; she had to move them so she would have room to decorate her house, as it fills her dining room.

Curated by Heather Akers, the collection includes pieces made of glass, porcelain, plastic, cloth and other materials.

The show will close in the middle of January.

Highlands Museum and Discovery Center is at 1620 Winchester Ave.

For more information, call (606) 329-8888 or visit Highlandsmuseum.com.