Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

March 18, 2013

WATCH AMY RUN: Praising after 22 rough miles, injuries

Amy Compston
The Independent

ASHLAND — This is the fourth in an eight-week diary series following 28-year-old Amy Compston – a fulltime nurse, wife and mother of four – during her preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15.


March 11

I woke up at noon today (after working until 8 this morning) to such a beautiful day: 61 degrees, just a light misty rain — perfect running weather. Completed six miles at a 6:52 pace. Mentally preparing for tomorrow’s 22-mile long run. This will be my longest run completed during training. After this week it will get progressively “easier” until race day … just got to make it through this week! I’m excited for tomorrow, ready for the challenge. Going to the Roadhouse tonight with family … can’t think of a better place to carb load … gotta love those rolls! Through Christ, all things are possible! Seriously, if you really think about it … what’s 22 miles to God? A meager drop in the bucket! God is my tower of strength. I got this! No … We got this!

March 12

I must be honest, today was a long, hard and rough 22 miles. Everyone has “off” days and this was one for me. Every mile seemed like two and my pace was hard to maintain. I finished with a 7:59 mile average and only by the grace of God. The last five miles I literally kept repeating a hymn: “I need thee, oh I need thee, every hour I need thee!” I was calling out to God for strength because I was weak and, of course, he supplied! Twenty-two miles completed and injury free. Praise God!

March 13

Today I took it nice and slow for my recovery run: seven miles at 7:57 pace. After yesterday’s tough 22-mile run, I haven’t become discouraged but I did seek some advice from a good friend and awesome runner in John Davis. He is a former Marshall University runner and 2010 Boston Marathoner with a time of 2:46. He placed 279th out of 22,540 runners and he completed a 100-mile race so, needless to say, he is a very knowledgeable runner. He told me I may be at the point of overtraining — something all long distance runners are guilty of. It’s the fine line between pushing yourself to the limit and overdoing it. So today I chose to really slow down the pace and allow for adequate recovery. I’m praying God gives me wisdom in my training. I’m glad it’s still a month out; plenty of time to fully recover and run an awesome race.

I praise God for good friends once again. God has given me what I need exactly when I needed it. John has truly been an inspiration coach and friend to me. I know he doesn’t even realize how greatly he has influenced my life. That’s why it’s so critical we all treat others with love because you never know how God is using you in another’s life.

March 14

Today I had to make the choice to do what I need to do instead of what I wanted to do. I only completed half my workout today. I got in five slow miles at 8:00 pace. Today I developed a nagging pain in my left lower calf. I immediately iced it when I got home. I am concerned. My pace is slow and injuries are starting to surface, but I am choosing to praise God anyway. God is so good to me. He knows exactly what’s going on and I know he works for the good of those who love him. My hope is in Him. I’m praying for wisdom and God is telling me to rest. I chose to only do half the workout today and will take it day by day. Yesterday eight of the elite runners pulled out of the Boston Marathon due to injury. This part of the training either makes you or breaks you. I praise God for how far he’s brought me. He’s ultimately in control! May his will be done.

March 15

After limping around all day yesterday and wrapping ice packs to my leg throughout the day and all night at work, I decided no running for today would be best. I did though cross-train 17 miles on the stationary bike set to rolling hills mode at level 10-12. I did incorporate 16 800-meter sprints on the bike and also did strength training. I rejoice in the Lord today because, after seven hours of solid sleep, I woke up with no limp. Praising God for his amazing love and compassion! God knows what I need. He is in control and I just pray his will be done in my life and pray for wisdom and his healing. God is so good all the time!

March 16

Feeling very encouraged today! I was able to run four miles at a slow pace but 99 percent pain-free. I also got in four miles on the bike pain-free. I’m trying to take it easy and promote healing and recovery. I am so thankful to the sweet couple who gave my husband a medicine horse trainers use on their horses when they are injured. It is wonderful. I put it on my leg last night and they feel 99 percent better this morning. I praise God that he brought this sweet couple and their “horse medicine” into my husband’s life.

Once again, God gives you exactly what you need when you need it. He uses people in your life to bless you and in return we need to make it a point to bless others with our lives. God is amazing. He is in control. He is the Great Physician. He is faithful and he is good all the time! … Now off to Winter Jam for some true worship and praise time! Can’t wait!!

March 17

What a crazy week! I hit a few speed bumps in my training. It was a totally unexpected turn of events. This week’s training was supposed to be my most intense week. I was to cover 62 miles but, instead, I completed 44 slow miles and 21 bike miles. I’m not going to lie, I shed a couple of tears this week in fear of not being able to complete my goals. But that fear only lasted a moment because fear is not from the Lord. I am not going to let this turn of events keep me from praising God. Whether I’m running or in bed with ice packs strapped to my body, God is still God and he deserves all my praise.

God is using these injuries, this “speed bump,” to make me more like him. I could question God … “Why God, I have worked so hard. Why now, so close to race day?” … But there’s no point in questioning my Creator, my King, my Loving Father. I knew the answer … “It’s to teach you, to mold you, to make you more like me!” Praise God he is always at work in us. Whether we understand our situation or not, we know He works for our good! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

AMY COMPSTON can be reached at amylwesolowski@yahoo.com.