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June 22, 2014

06/22/2014 — Regional Poetry

ASHLAND — The Man Attested

There was a man who once attested

That he would not ever be arrested.

By any law that is enforced by brutality or force,

Their beliefs he would never support or endorse.

Behind every law there is power and a stech,

And without that power there wouldn’t be a fence.

Any law or justice with brutality is corruptible and bad,

That is the same power and strength that evil also had.

If a man must rely on strength or a weapon to enforce any law,

From my presence I wish for him and his laws to withdraw.

If a judge or anyone relies on force to enforce their every word,

That law and their power and them I would say is absurd.

If they need the backing of a gun to give them power to speak,

What is the different between the criminal who threatens the weak.

He screamed and preached that he would never go to prison or jail,

A place by force, were people are sent and where weapons also prevail.

Randy L. McClave

Do you think they'd even know you, Lord

If You came back to earth.

Would they recognize just who You are

Or would You have to tell them first

And would those who claim to follow you

Believe in the virgin birth

Or do You think they'd even know You, Lord

If You came back to earth?

Would they choose to walk beside You

As You go along Your way

Would they stand up to defend You

Or just turn and walk away

I wonder how they would treat You

Would they praise You or condemn?

Or, Do You think they'd even know You Lord

If You came to earth again?

Come Sunday would they ask You

To go to church with them?

Would they set You right up front, Lord

To sing You their favorite hymn

And when it comes time to pass the plate

Would then their tithes go in

Do You think they'd even know You, Lord

If You came to earth again?

If they would see You perform a miracle

Before them in plain view

Would they then believe in You, Lord

And get their souls renewed

Would they bring their burdens to You

With faith to be carried through

Or, do you think they'd even know You Lord

If they ran right into You.

Lord, if You came back tomorrow

To take all your children home

How many would be ready

And who would be left alone

Would we be surprised to see You

And would there be time to pray

We know you'll be returning

Now, could it be today?

John F. Enyart and Donald R. Nelson

Riddle Poems

How you sparkle, how you shine

This latest lovely gift of mine.

You are so hard, you can cut glass

Bur your beauty, none can surpass.

Answer: diamond.

Helen L. Hunt

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