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June 8, 2014

06/08/2014 — Regional Poetry

ASHLAND — Years Gone By

59 years is a long time.

They love each other very much.

Each one is different,

But they both agree the same.

Everyone knows their names,

When they were younger,

Their children would play.

God has given them a long life.

Seems like just yesterday,

They were cutting their cake,

Now they have three children of their own.

Each one is getting up in their years.

We would always stick together,

Through the good and the bad.

Sometimes we could not hold back the tears.

Thank God for their lives,

And they are still the best parents,

Anyone ever had.

Debra Carol Brown

The Pledge

I pledge my honor to this land

As I place over my heart, my right hand,

And I swear my oath to GOD and then to man

Whatever I can do for freedom, I will and I can.

Like all women and men before me I want to be free

I want to choose my own road and my own destiny,

I do this willingly without any guise

As I know what I am given, it is man’s greatest prize.

Some men are born with freedom and a right

While some men must earn it with blood and a fight,

Some men will take for granted what they are given

Towards that freedom and pride they are not driven;

But, some men are not given that one choice

They speak for it all alone, with just their one voice,

But, that one man, he must always be heard

With his hand over his heart as he speaks one word.

 Unto this land’s beliefs I will always defend

Until my last breath and to life’s bitter end,

Freedom I will scream, it is everyone’s right

And dreams and beliefs are in everyone’s sight.

Unto this land I will give my just and my all

I will defend and protect her, she will never fall,

So, I pledge my integrity and loyalty as I stand

To this great country, with my heart and my hand.

Randy L. McClave

Tears Of Joy

I remember back when I was young, comfort hard to find

Seems in every crook and turn, grief was with me all the time.

And then I met Lord Jesus, and He touched my tearful eye

He said my child I’ll show you now a whole new way to cry

It’s been this way for a long time, since Jesus took me in.

He came into my hardened heart and took away all my sin.

Now I stand up so proclaiming, anytime or any place.

Telling what He’s done for me with tears of joy streaming down my face.

They say when we reach Heaven, there’ll be no tears up there.

It’s a hard thing to imagine in a place of loving care.

So when approaching that grand kingdom,and the One who gave me grace

I’ll look upon Lord Jesus with tears of joy streaming down my face.

These are tears of joy that go streaming down my face

Now I praise my Lord and Savior for bringing me to this place

And I also want to thank Him for His amazing saving grace

There’s no room left for sorrow with tears of joy streaming down my face

John F. Enyart

and Donald R. Nelson

The Flag Makes E Pluribus Unum

A group of men were sitting for coffee at the local restaurant

Talking & laughing as if old friends

Some old, some young with only one thing in common

The courage to defend.

A woman with a seemingly crusty heart

That's seen too much a woman should never see

Weeps alone in her bed each night

Longing from the night terrors to be set free.

One with wheels instead of legs

Still another leaning on a 3 foot pole.

Still many others seem so normal

But inside will never again be whole.

Yet as the flag rises it has their full attention

For it's more than just a banner to wave.

It represents the sacrifices of so many

Giving so much in order to save.

No greater love has any woman or man

Than to risk it all for even those unknown.

So the tears well up in their eyes as it waves

For the ones that didn't make it home.

And for the freedom so many take for granted

And feel they have a right

Who never even stop to think

It only truly belongs to those who fight.

But both savior and saved are one for those moments

When the flag rises and catches the wind.

Hope for the future, born from the past

There will always arise a “few good men.”



Remember Me?

Who brought you into this world

And gave sight that you may see?

Have you forgotten?

Remember me?

Who gave you a mom and dad to love?

That just like them, you wanted to grow up to be.

Have you forgotten?

Remember Me?

Who made your childhood days to be,

Happy and fu without misery?

Have you forgotten?

Remember me?

Who fed and clothed you everyday?

And taught you music so you could play?

Have you forgotten?

Remember Me?

And who taught you to drive a car

Then placed in your hands the keys?

Have you forgotten?

Remember Me?

And when you become a mom or dad one day

I hope your children do learn of me.

Because you never forgot.

You remembered me.

Lawrence Melvin


To everyone wanting summer never fear,

Summer will soon be here.

Enough cold weather you say,

Please give us a sunny day.

We have waited so long to see the sun,

We will have so much fun.

Lets all enjoy our summer day,

We are glad winter has finally gone away.

Oleta Reed

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