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April 27, 2014

04/27/2014 — Regional poetry


ASHLAND — Easter

You can hear the hammer striking the nails,

Striking so hard on that day.

The crowd cheered, free Barabbas

And let him go on his way.

How could Pilate release a murderer?

And Jesus they would crucify?

Pilate carried out the crowds wishes

As God looked down from the sky.

Crown of thorns was placed on His head

Blood tricked down His face.

This was the Son of God our Savior,

They were trying to disgrace.

A heavy cross was placed on His back,

As He walked up Golgotha Hill.

He knew this day that He would die,

He was doing God’s Holy will.

You could hear the hammer strike

Hitting the nails so hard that day,

The crowd cheered and shouted loudly,

Just save yourself they would say.

As the hammer struck those rusty nails,

His hands and feet they went thru,

They raised the cross in the position

For the crowd to cheer and view.

Vinegar was offered to His parched lips,

No water for His mouth so dry,

He asked God to forgive the crowd,

As He looked up into the sky.

Six long hours He hung there dying

Then darkness fell over the land.

That moment they knew they crucified,

The Son of God and Savior for man.

Many years have passed since that day,

The Bible tells what all He went thru,

On the cross He died that we have life,

He died there for me and for you.

He arose from that grave and He lives,

The stone had been rolled away.

Listen for that great trumpet sound,

He will be returning for us any day.

Mattie Cooper

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