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April 27, 2014

04/27/2014 — Regional poetry

ASHLAND — That First Easter

When we think of that firs Easter,

Our minds go back to the cross.

God sent His only Son to earth,

To die on that cross for the lost.

That day Jesus stood before Pilate,

Barabbas a murderer they set free.

The crowd chose to crucify Jesus,

The crowd was so mad and angry.

Jesus was so weak and so tired,

As they led Him through the street.

A crown of thorns on His head,

They continued to mock and beat.

A heavy cross placed on His back

He needed help to carry up the hill.

He knew this day that He would die,

He was only doing God’s Holy will.

You could hear the hammer striking

Hitting the nails so hard that day,

The crowd cheered, “Save yourself”

But God in Heaven He would obey.

Hammer struck those three rusty nails,

His hands and feet they went thru,

They raised the cross in position,

For the crowd to cheer and view.

Vinegar offered to His parched lips,

No water for His mouth so dry,

He asked God to forgive the crowd

As He looked up toward the sky.

Winds blew and lightning flashed,

Then darkness covered the land.

The crowd knew they had crucified

The Son of God and Savior for man.

Each drop of blood He lost that day,

They were shed for you ad for me.

He covered all of our sins with it,

That first Easter He died on Calvary.

He was placed in a borrowed tomb,

Three days He arose and lives again.

His purpose in life to save sinners,

He lived, He died, and He lives again.

Mattie Cooper

Easter Revival

The plans all made, revival is set

Crowds bigger than some churches have seen yet

Each night a different church, but the Spirit the same

Coming out to worship Jesus, praise His Holy Name

Practical preaching, easy to understand

The Word being delivered, straight from God's own hand

Music and singing, melodies of praise

Words so touching, I stand amazed

My church family fills many a pew

Joined together in worship, it's just what we do

Lifted up, strengthened and renewed

Our hearts and lives carefully reviewed

Make a stand for Christ, reach someone today

A word about Jesus, then take time to pray

Put into action our words we speak

Be ever so humble, ever so meek

Set an example, live clean and pure

Think of our Savior and all He did endure

The cross He did carry, for me His blood He did shed

It was my sins that placed the crown of thorns on His head

His death on the cross, all my sins forgiven

Thank you Jesus, it's for You I am livin'

No turning back, moving forward each day

Pointing a soul to Jesus, this is what I pray

Revival was scheduled, the meetings all planned

Revival came to me right where I stand

I opened my heart, forgot all about me

My focus is on the One who hung on a tree

I may stumble and falter, I may even grow weak

But my spirit He will renew when with Him I speak

My days I will live to honor my Lord

To fall at His feet in Heaven will be my reward.

Milissia Owens

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