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April 13, 2014

04/13/2014 — Regional poetry

ASHLAND — Tender Kiss

I received from her a tender kiss,

That she gently placed upon my lips.

She gave it to me as though to verify,

That she wasn’t there to say “hello” but to say “goodbye”.

Then when the taste of her lips had disappeared,

I then felt the taste of her salty tear,

From my life she had quickly withdrawn,

As when I looked about me, she was gone.

Her gift it wasn’t placed upon my cheek,

To give me encouragement when I am weak.

It all came from that one tender kiss,

That once before had given me bliss.

Now her and I we are no more,

She had come and left from the very same door.

That time I will remember and I will never forget,

When I received from her a tender kiss.

Randy L. McClave

How Bright Is Your Light

How bright is your light

Do you illuminate each day.

Do you brighten up a path

For others to see the way.

Do you show the love of God

In your heart along your way.

How bright does your light shine today?

Are there people that you know

That stumble from day to day.

Do they constantly complain

About things not going their way?

But if they give their lives to Jesus

He’ll make their hearts brand new

Change the way they look at things

And even brighten it up for you.

There are people all around

Watching you everyday

Seeing how you handle things

And troubles put in your way.

It’s now time to be a beacon

So they may come to see

That God is the light of the world

And he’s there for all to see.

How bright does your light shine today?

John F. Enyart

and Donald R. Nelson

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