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April 5, 2013

'High quality standard'

Cardinal Valley Art show to open at Pendleton Art Center during tonight’s First Friday art walk

ASHLAND — The Cardinal Valley Art Show will open at the Pendleton Art Center during tonight’s First Friday art walk.

Painter and mixed media artist Emily Vigil, museum assistant at Massillon Museum in Massillon, Ohio, was judge for the show.

With more than 10 years of museum and gallery experience, Vigil has been exhibits coordinator for the West Virginia State Museum and worked as director at Marshall University's Birke Art Gallery. She earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Marshall and a master of fine arts degree in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University.


Q: How did you become judge for the Cardinal Valley Art Show?

A: I was invited to jury the exhibition by a colleague at Marshall University, Andrea Prince.  She and I were both received our bachelor’s degrees from the art department at Marshall.

Q: How much judging have you done?

A: I have judged shows a few times over the years. However, I have extensive experience from another perspective: that of an exhibition coordinator, at a variety of venues.

In that role, I have frequently been involved with selecting jurors, compiling work for jurors, and preparing artwork for jurors to view. I have often played the quiet observer, present while works are selected and prizes chosen.  Of course, I was also around for the rest of the process, from show installation, to award distribution, to writing acceptance and rejection letters, and to compiling images for show catalogues. Experience as a show curator also adds to my background.

As an artist, I have also seen the flip side of this process. I have entered numerous juried exhibitions, with varied results.  I believe that all these experiences together make me a well-rounded judge.

Q: What do you look for when judging?

A: I look at a number of factors, including concept, use of the elements and principles of design, and technical skill.  In other words, I look for well-crafted and innovative work that draws me in by its use of color, light and dark contrast, form, shape, line, or texture.

There is no perfect formula for all the factors, but I aim for a high quality standard for works to be included.  Occasionally, a piece may demonstrate incredible skill in one area that outweighs other factors.

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