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March 30, 2014

03/30/2014 — Regional Poetry

ASHLAND — Just When I Needed Him Most

One day while in church

I felt a tug on my heart

Jesus was speaking to me.

I went to the altar and gave him my all

That’s when He set me free.

Now I live a life full of

Faith hope and love and

I know that His promise is true

Cause He saved me when I needed Him most

And I still need Him most.

Now Lord every morning

I look out the window and

See all the things made by you.

I stand in amazement as I look around

Knowing all the things you can do.

Since I met You, Lord my

My life’s been so different and

I’m blessed in all You’ve done for me

Cause You saved me when I needed You most

And I still need You most.

So friend if one of these days

Troubles do come your way

And you think you have no way to turn.

Put all your trust in God; He’ll see you through

And you’ll get the rewards you have earned.

I’ve only one thing to say

Is to trust Him and obey

And all your troubles will then be o’re.

Just remember He’ll save you when you need Him most

And you’re still gonna need Him most.

John F. Enyart and

Donald R. Nelson

Pet Groomer

She shampoos and cuts the hair of your pet,

She loves all animals and she is not a vet,

She clips their toenails and laughs with her humor,

She is of course the loving and caring pet groomer.

Her store for your pet it becomes their second home,

She will sing to the pets as their hair she will comb,

With pads placed on the floor for their temporary bathroom,

She loves to pamper the pets as them she will groom.

Her store is always full of happy dogs and cats,

And also on her stores floor are the pets sleeping mats,

You will always find pet toys and kerchiefs for a dog’s costume,

The animals are so happy when them she will groom.

When it is my pets day of beauty she is so unhampered,

She is bathed and towel dried as she is pampered,

Her hair is cut, her teeth are brushed and then she is perfumed,

How much my pet and I enjoy her monthly visits to be groomed.

I pick up my pet and I am pleased with a job well-done,

And my pet is happy with all of the attention and the fun,

I am indeed a very delighted person and satisfied consumer,

We are both very pleased because of the caring pet groomer.

The day of grooming my pet has ended for the day,

Now my pet is excited to go home to eat and run and play,

But, next month the cleaning treatments will be resumed,

As my pet will be taken to the groomer, to be groomed.

Randy L. McClave

The Watching Hand

God places His hand upon a person,

They know that He see us inside.

We can’t hide from our problems,

We know that God will always abide.

Often the night are so lonely,

And the time sure is so slow.

We need to read in God’s Bible,

And enjoy the faith troubles will go.

Sometimes the world system is falling,

We have to know what is going on.

God is the Master of the Universe,

He’s in control of things that are wrong.

In His hand, God touches our life,

We must lean on Him and faith.

He is always there with His people,

The watching hand keeps us safe.

Nancy Mineer


Please winter you need to go,

No one wants any more snow.

Spring is waiting wouldn’t you know,

So you need to go and take all your snow.

The aches and pains we have with your winter,

Will surely disappear when you allow

Spring to enter.

Oleta Reed

The Winds of March

The wind of March is special,

The snow and cold winter is gone.

Our eyes is on the spring season,

The beauty of sunshine has won.

The wind blows all the trash,

That the winter has left behind.

It’s good to feel the spring weather,

With small crocus blooming in time.

Let the warm wind in splender,

Every morning the birds are in view.

Their beauty is special in springtime,

It brings the good day for me and you.

The forsythia trees will be blooming,

The yellow blooms are so very bright.

March is the month of rain and sunshine,

It’s our special season in the light.

God allows the wind to blow for us,

He sees the beauty of the early season.

This new year is going to be wonderful,

March is here, early spring is the reason.

Nancy Mineer

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