Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

March 23, 2014

03/24/2014 — Regional poetry

The Independent

ASHLAND — Watching the Snow

You curse and you swear and you also assault,

But, you blame it on others because it is never your fault.

You lied and you cheated and you also stole,

Still you go to bed with a smile and a very happy soul.

You take advantages of others to get what you want,

Then when someone you've hurt is suffering, them you will taunt.

You do bad unto others and dare them ever to do it unto you,

Compassion or pity unto others, you have never had a clue.

You pretend that you are someone and that someone you are not,

Morality and pride are the lessons that you have never been taught.

You think you are a good person who is cursed with only bad luck,

All I can say about that, is that you and your beliefs really suck.

Someday of course, you will reap what you did sew,

And when that day comes; I will be eating  popcorn while watching the show.

Randy L. McClave

Old Photographs

Have you ever looked at old photographs

Taken from long ago?

Black and white photos of people standing,

Sitting or posing just so, so.

Old photographs showing people posing

In their Sunday best,

The women in long dresses, the men

In their suites and vests.

Old photographs are pictures frozen in yesteryear.

Photos were taken for someone they had loved so dear,

Old photographs makes one wonder where they worked

Or traveled in life

A man usually sitting, behind him his lovely wife.

Old photographs showing the inspirations

And dreams in their face,

They are now permanently resting in some far off place.

After several generations have passed people will see,

Old photographs to be looked upon

Will be of you and me.

Earl Ferguson

The Music Lives


The things in life have run away.

Are we too busy to see the view?

Can we see the smaller things?

And perhaps it is so old or new.

Have you heard the sound of notes?

And detect which key it belongs.

Its the sound of hidden beauty,

That makes the music of the song.

Small children loves the music,

It’s a blessing in their growing day.

Somewhere in life they love music,

Surely they will learn the music way.

God gives the song within the heart,

The gift of singing to bless others.

The study of music will stay inside,

The music is for our self and mothers.

Nancy Mineer

Be Wise

A word from the wise,

For wise is he.

Who is older,

For in him you shall see.

Experience he has,

He has walked the same path,

Maybe many times,

And suffered its wrath.

For there’s always one,

You may know who they are.

Who have had your same problem,

And now they are marred by its scars.

So confined in them,

Listen to the path they chose.

Shall I walk the same,

Or another shall I go.

For there is another path,

And its straight and true.

It’s called the Holy Bible,

And in it, God will walk with you.

For none was er wiser,

Than he, to whom we pray.

And there’s no problem He can’t solve.

Be wide, seek Him today.

For His plan for you,

Far exceeds anything you may have done.

Seek thou unto Him,

For there’s no wiser one.

Lawrence Melvin


The world comes alive.

The gray turns to green.

Through God we survive.

The world comes alive.

Winter is over an we survive.

Some say the winter is mean.

The world comes alive.

Yes we know with spring,

We will thrive.

Charles Dahnmon Whit


Spring came in on Angel wings,

Scattering flower in rainbow hue.

Soft winds strum as the robin sings,

Spring came in on Angel wings.

Adorned in yellow, purple and green,

Velvet violets wet with dew,

Spring came in on Angel wings,

Scattering flowers in rainbow hue.

Helen L. Hunt

Guardian Angels

Some Angels came to earth last night,

Cause in the snow they spread their wings.

To be seen at dawns breaking light.

Some Angels came to earth last night,

Guardians to all who do what’s right.

Some Angels came to earth last night,

Cause in the snow they spread their wings.

Phyllis Riley

Gossamer Wings

Spring hastens in on gossamer wings

To lighten our lives and still the tears.

Flower petals playing upon our heart strings,

Spring hastens in on gossamer wings.

Armed with yellow crocuses that sing.

Slowly and surely wiping away all fears.

Spring hastens in on gossamer wings,

To lighten our lives and still the tears.

Anita Griffith

Spring Snow Power

When I see it snow

And see the freezing rain.

Then I shout “Oh no!”

I drive out for road salt,

And groceries for the need.

My front-wheel drive gets caught.

When I see some sun,

I’ll sing hurrah for spring.

James Bentley

Go Away

Ice and snow go away, far, far away.

Jonquils and violets are here now.

They are here to brighten our day,

Ice and snow go away, far, far away.

Mistress spring is here to stay.

She just came in and took a bow.

Ice and snow go away, far, far away.

Jonquils and violets are her now.

Helen L. Hunt

Winter Time Blues

Laying and shivering quietly while,

Covered from head to toe.

For it is very cold, and going in and out of sleep.

Dreaming of days of old.

Caressing memories of cherished childhood days.

Family members confused and set in their ways.

We are confused and very tired for good reason.

Tired of this wintery cold, and unsettled season.

Another Wintry blast left us with,

Miles and miles of cold, wet snow.

No where to turn, no where to go.

Spring can wrap it’s warm arms around me.

I won’t complain a bit.

Simply, tired of the non-ending cold,

And never ending white stuff that just won’t quit.

Perhaps on day soon, something different will come our way.

Till then, I’ll turn over in my bed,

Just sleep all day.

Joyce Childers

Night as Seen by an Indian

If you stand in any cornfield

in Sylvatus, Virginia,

facing Hiawasse, at sunset,

and half-close your eyes, you can see

a mountain peak that looks

like a tee pee. The tee pee is

big enough for only

a single Indian

That Indian builds a fire at about five-thirty every night

to roast the rabbit he hunted

in the afternoon. Then he sits by a smouldering fire

and watches the sky.

The sun sets in his blood.

The blue-black sky is his

magnified eye -- an eye

that saw the land hundreds of years

before those who blinded that eye.

The moon becomes less and less

transparent in the eye

and reflects his face.

Stars turn over on their bright sides

to sparkle for him. He reaches

up to take one so he

can remember the sky

the way he sees it now.

Edwina Cocus