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June 1, 2014

06/01/2014 — Regional Poetry


A man, with heart so rare,

GOD will listen to his prayer,

So special a man with his heart,

GOD hates to lose it, when man does depart.

A man, with heart so special,

With prophets and artists he will nestle,

So scarce of a heart beats in his chest,

GOD says the man, he is blessed.

A man, with heart so unique,

He sees joy and wonder, not the bleak,

So happy a man with heart so glorious,

GOD smiles, as the man is victorious.

Randy L. McClave

Shadow of Death

The old man sat in his dismal dwelling,

So gloomy, sad and all alone.

While evening shadows gathered around

His house of cobblestone.

Loneliness crept upon him, to scared to move,

He’d set and stare, in one brave moment full of courage,

He called out “who’s standing there?”

He knew about him death lurked,

But for this he was not ready.

Deep darkness came all to suddenly,

His nerves were so unsteady.

To five up like a coward,

He said he knew that he just couldn’t,

Knelt down to pray, though short it was,

He knew that he just wouldn’t.

Looking up, he saw a faint streak of morning dawn,

The fear he carried through the night,

Like the fading dark was gone.

Del Handloser

The Holy Spirit

The word of thy spirit

Is with us today.

Blessing and giving,

To all those who pray.

For those who have faith,

And believe in the Lord,

Know who He is

And what He’s here for.

For He is of the Lord

The spirit he be,

Stayed here when Jesus

Won the victory.

Left here to help,

Those who believe,

And give guidance to others

Who want to receive.

If your heart is heavy

And weighing you down,

Let his Holy Spirit

Lift you off the ground.

Let thy Holy Spirit

Come unto your prayers.

Ask His forgivness,

With repentance through prayer.

And you shall be inlightened,

For the victory you have won,

Was given unto you,

By Grace from God’s only Son.

Lawrence Melvin

Picnic In the Park

Want to go on a picnic here in Central Park?

The bright warm sun is shining,

And you can stay till dark.

Bring along a basket of food,

Look as you walk around.

Mays display of tulips nod all around the ground,

Squirrels and pigeons all about,

Happy Children play and shout.

Up above the sky’s so blue,

And friends are there to welcome you.

So, if you should be walking on such a nice May day,

Stop and join the picnic before you go your way.

Del Handloser

No Place Like Home

I have traveled by bus and plane around the globe,

I have been to the forests and the beaches sand,

I have been to Japan, Amsterdam and Scotland,

But, for me there is no place like being home.

I have eaten haggis and I have also had eel,

I have eaten grasshoppers and also other bugs,

I have even eaten oysters and snails and also slugs,

But, to me there is nothing like a home cooked meal.

When exhausted and tired I have slept in a shed,

I have also slept in a cabin and on a boat and in a tent,

I have slept in a castle where I didn’t pay rent,

But, I miss and I enjoy sleeping in my very own bed.

I have traveled with friends and I have traveled alone,

I have traveled with Elisabeth, Donna and Andy,

I have walked by myself and also with Mandy,

But, even with friends abroad there is no place like home.

Randy L. McClave

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