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June 27, 2014

06/29/2014 — Regional poetry

ASHLAND — Graduation Day

Graduation time is a happy day,

High School days are gone.

It’s time to enjoy the friendship,

Loving the early morning dawn.

The college days are calling,

For the young people in time.

A decision to make for the future,

With al of our dreams in our mine.

There are a degrees for teachers,

Or perhaps a attorney in law.

Life is full of many decisions,

It’s our time to know the call.

Each morning will be in splender,

How you can make the busy day.

College will be a wonderful time,

Seeing new people and theirs ways.

Enjoy the time of the graduation,

Telling your friends of a dream.

The degree in college is special,

On the wonderful time we will lean.

Nancy Mineer

Being An Apologist

She told me that she studied psychology,

And that she was a psychologist,

I told her that I studied religion and philosophy

As my belief I informed her, I am an apologist.

Inside us all I believe we have our own soul and temple,

And to me that is life, it is just that simple.

She said sometimes in reality we all must be a hypocrite

Especially when the shoe is on someone else's foot,

I told her in those times that the shoe just doesn't fit,

No matter in what part of your mind that is put.

Her forefathers might have been Wundt or Hippocrates,

But, mine of course he was Socrates.

My religion differs than what she was taught

I believe inside us all we are meant to be who we are,

Another belief of feeling we should never have sought

We are not none the same; by far.

She told me the difference between an apple and a tomato,

I told her to read, “The Allegory Of The Cave” by Plato.

All men and women are weak that is our animal urges

She wrote that down for me and I informed her that was libel,

She said from our brain impure needs and desires emerges

I told her to read the 10 commandments from the Bible.

She told me she was a psychologist she studied psychology,

I told her I was an apologist and I gave her my sincere apology.

Randy L. McClave

Thank You Father

Most righteously Heavenly Father,

I think upon you, and my mind is full of wonder.

I know Father how little I am,

But I know you are fully in command.

Since the beginning of time,

You were here.

And you’ve created so much

And with us you have shared.

For everywhere we look

Here and beyond the stars,

Your work of creation

Is truly admired.

For your beauty shows

Everywhere one looks,

And its so magnificent

Of this time you took.

 You made all those stars

In our Heaven so bright,

Then gave us darkness

So we could enjoy the night.

You made for us a world

A marvelous place to live,

And you taught us how to love,

And that we are to forgive.

You gave us a heart

That not only flows with blood,

But one that pumps out

A feeling of love.

And Father, you must have

The biggest heart of all,

For when I need you

All I have to do is call.

And Father I’m so astounded

And mesmerized by your skill,

I can’t begin to imagine

Of all that you have fulfilled.

And Father I can’t wait,

But I know I will

To see what glory for us,

Awaits us still.

For you are so great,

This word doesn’t begin to describe you.

But I’m so greatful,

That for you I am thankful.

For I am truly blessed,

That you gave unto me life,

This opportunity that I may witness

To the world of its price.

For it cost your son Jesus,

His life on a cross.

But it was given for your glory

To save those who are lost.

And Father I thank Jesus,

For being so brave,

For what He did for your glory,

Countless souls have been saved.

And Father I’m glad when He left this world of sin,

That He left the door open

So the faithful could walk in.

For He left unto us His word,

His love and His grace.

All written down in the scrolls,

To take His holy place.

For to believe in Him

Is so very easy,

And why one doesn’t,

Makes me so uneasy.

And why would one give up Heaven,

To spend eternity in Hell,

Is because they let the devil

Unto them prevail.

So sinner it’s your life,

Do with it as you will,

Repent and be saved,

Or spend eternity in hell.

Lawrence Melvin

Born In Ashland

I was born in the city of Ashland,

Nowhere near or on the hot beaches sand,

I was born near the river and the mountains,

Not near the museums, waterfalls or fountains.

I was born in the mid fall of the year,

With the scintillate of stars and a parent’s tear,

So happy and excited my birth had been,

That I was given a brother, who is my twin.

In the summer I went to the river to swim,

Just for the fun and the excitement from a whim,

And in the winter I walked upon it’s ice,

The danger of falling in, I never thought twice.

I climbed trees and I had snowball fights,

In the park I chased squirrels and girls and flew kites,

We ate crawl-dads, collards and roshuneer corn,

That’s what we did in Ashland, where I was born.

Randy L. McClave

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