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May 18, 2014

05/18/2014 — Regional Poetry


When I think of Mom in Heaven

A tear will fall from my eye.

Sometimes I have this feeling,

She is watching from the sky.

When I am standing by her grave,

It is always so peaceful and quiet.

I sit down and just talk to her

It seems to make everything right.

She held our family together

To family she was a great part,

She prayed for all her children

For God to change each heart.

Only a short time since she left

I can still feel her tender touch.

In my heart is an empty space

Because I loved her very much.

They say time heals everything

I found that is not always true

When mom went home to Heaven,

A part of me went up there too.

Precious memories of mom,

I hold so dear in my heart to day,

She went home to be with Jesus,

Her memory in my heart will stay.

Mattie Cooper

The Word is Fact

Have you ever stopped

And took a good look around?

And been mesmerized by the beauty

Of what you see, and of the sound?

From the clouds above the Earth,

To the valleys below,

And all in between

Are works of someone, you should know.

Oh, I know you believe

In most books you have read,

About science and their theories

The big bang still shakes my head.

But of all the theories

They still cannot deny the fact,

That our Lord and Savior was here,

Nor, that He is coming back.

But in all of their theories and findings,

It seems the more they look,

That everything they find out,

Is already written about, in God’s Holy Book.

For His book is the Holy Bible,

The oldest book ever written,

And its contents are fact, not fiction,

Of this I am totally certain.

So the Bible is not ficticious,

But simply put, its fact to the believer,

But you go on believing in their theories,

And in Hell, you’ll get to meet all of your deceivers.

For blessed are they

Who repent of their sins,

And believe upon our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ, Amen.

Lawrence Melvin

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