Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

April 4, 2014

04/04/2014 — Regional poetry

The Independent

ASHLAND — In A Different Light

In a different light

I see things I’ve never seen before.

In a different light

I catch a glimpse of what I’m living for.

In a different light where there’s no night.

Where even the blind can regain their sight

In a different light through Jesus Christ

I’ll see forevermore.

I now see things in a different light

Since Jesus saved my soul.

I can see the difference He has brought

Since He made me whole

Now when days are dark and dreary

The sun is shining bright

Cause now that I serve Jesus

I see things in a different light.

You’ll see things in a different light

If you let Jesus in your heart.

He will change your life completely

And from you He’ll never part.

Then when your life down here is over

And your work on earth is done

You’ll not only see the sights of Heaven

But through the light coming from the Son.

John F. Enyart

and Donald R. Nelson

The Moon,

My Shadow and Me

The moon, my shadow and myself make three.

As we walk together in the same company.

At the nighttime we go out as the friends that we are,

Then Sometimes we are joined by the fireflies and a star.

I run and I jump and my shadow is so much fun and a delight,

He follows and represents my every move,

Under the moons spotlight.

But then sometimes the moon will disappear inside a cloud,

Then my shadow will runaway, to where I am not allowed.

So then I walk all by myself as now there in only me,

But then a few minutes ago, I was once in a group of three.

When I walk inside my house the moon will wait outside,

Then my shadow will disappear as he has went to hide.

I am all by myself when I am inside my own home,

That is when I am scared and vulnerable as then,

I am all alone.

When I am lonely I go outside to be joined by my friends,

Where the moon and my shadow always attends.

The nighttime we enjoy so we go out together every night,

Where we laugh and we live that time is our delight.

Then early in the morning with the coming of the rising son,

There is no longer us three, it is now only me, one.

Randy L. McClave

The United States Marine Corps

Established Nov. 10, 1776

Sergeant Thomas Henry Cook

The United States Marine

June 1963-June 1967

He had great expectations of life’s hopes and dreams,

This carpenter’s son chose to join the United States Marines.

In uniform he was handsome, though not so very tall.

He wore Americas colors proud and swore to defend them all.

In boot camp he was eager to follow each command.

He was training for survival in a distant foreign land.

This raging war went on and on with protection from our God,

Each Marine shielded the other as another step was trod.

At last the war was over, Tom was coming home.

He returned broke, injured, and weary to the bone.

High hopes for a full recovery was the first prayer of the day.

Tom found grace in the eyes of God when he knelt to pray.

Tom’s life is full again, these days, he sings praises to the King,

May his journey be safeguarded, till he hears the Angels sing.

Frances A. Cantrell

The Soldier, The Man

Thomas Henry Cook

I used to have a mental image of what made a man a man.

But the maturity that comes with age has made me understand.

Before, me were strong and bold; never knew fear or cried,

Now I know men are gentle and strong and put their pride aside.

Like a soldier in the heat of war who survives all the struggles and strives,

He comes out better than before and appreciates the gift of life.

My daddy is such a soldier, but more importantly he’s a man,

He’s fought against the world’s ugliness, yet still has a gentle hand.

He suffered his family’s frequent moves an he knows what it’s like to be poor,

Still he paves the way for a brighter day and never closes his hearts door.

In war he saw many friends pass away, and later it was his father,

But never once did he stop to say, “Life, why do I bother?”

However, my daddy’s life is not all pain, He’s been happy, I know this is true,

One time was when his one true love uttered those simple words, “I do.”

Once again in a few more years, my daddy experienced joy.

This was the time he heard the nurses say, “You have a little boy.”

Two more children followed after one of whom I am proud to be,

Daddy’s always lead us in the right direction,

And taught us we could be what we wanted to be.

He’s always been there for us, doing all that he possibly can,

He protects us and takes care of us, My daddy, the soldier, the man.

I’ve seen him work increasingly and at an unthinkable rate,

Moreover, I’ve seen him in tears and at his humblest state.

I’ve heard his voice shaking while my daddy sincerely prays,

He walks intently in the way of God and he’ll be the Lord’s soldier someday.

So if anyone eer inquires to what I believes makes a man,

I’ll tell them whose a prime example, being his number one fan.

He’s compassionate, gentle, loving and kind and his smile melts, all frowns and tears.

There’s no other like him, I’m sure you will find for his arms

About you can cease all your fears.

Frances A. Cantrell

The Bravest

 Of Soldiers

The bravest of soldiers that I’ve ever know even though I might sound a bit caddy.

But I’m sure that all who knows him would agree, is my own special, sweet, modest daddy.

I love you daddy.

Kandi Lynn Cook