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August 18, 2013

Is there too much salt in our diets?

ASHLAND — How much is too much salt? All prepackaged foods are overprocessed with salt, from Diet Coke to packaged meals. Restaurants even salt the salads. How do we control salt in our diets, and why is it important?

Salt causes water retention, high blood pressure and many other ills. It turns arteries to stone. By cooking at home, you control how much salt is in your diet. Bananas have been found to control and regulate sodium in our bodies. Bananas have potassium — a mineral that regulates sodium. A banana a day may help you reduce your risk of stroke and keep your heart healthier.

Alka Seltzer

Sometimes we don’t think about the products that affect blood pressure and salt intake. Some of these products are free to shoppers.

Alka Seltzer can help relieve stomach upset, but it’s very high in sodium and can dangerously increase blood pressure. If your stomach is upset, consider peppermint candy. It’s been known since the 1800s to help settle the stomach. You can also use peppermint oil. Two or three drops and breath is freshened and the stomach will feel much better. Patients who are vomiting usually can keep peppermint candy down when nothing else will help.

Olive oil

Using olive oil each day in the food you cook can cut stroke risk by 41 percent. By reducing salt and using olive oil, you can really make a difference in your overall health without taking a pill.

Looking for a job?

Did you know employers will evaluate applicants’ Facebook pages, blogs and other Internet postings to try and get an accurate profile? What you like on Pinterest gives an accurate picture. They will get a pretty good idea of your interests if they access your “like” pages, photos and “friends” list. A picture of you holding a beer at a party might cost you a job. Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t be comfortable discussing in public. It has gone public once it’s posted.

Cheap shoe/

expensive shoe

Summer shoes are at rock-bottom prices right now. Do you know the best brands to keep your feet healthy? Cheap shoes destroy your feet. If a shoe has no arch support, you are a ticking time bomb. Your feet will gradually get wider and your arch support will be lost, causing what is known as flat foot. Flat feet hurt and aren’t very pretty. Trying to get an arch back is almost impossible. Wear good shoes such as Clarks or Merrills. They are expensive, but the end of the season is the right time to buy. Always look at a shoe arch support. If it doesn’t have one, it could be a real pain later. Literally. Ballet flats are cute, but damaging in the long run. Buying a good shoe now for next spring/summer is a smart buy.

Coffee and plastic

Taking care of ourselves begins with morning coffee. Is your coffee maker made of plastic? Are you ingesting BPA every morning? When you see plastic degrading from shiny to worn, it’s leaching chemicals. Look for stainless steel inside for a safer brew. You’re better off with an old perculator than a beautiful, new plastic coffeemaker.

Fall scents

Fall is coming. You may want to scent your home using cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg in a little water on the stove. You can add orange or apple peels. The natural mixture will permeate your home with a clean scent that doesn’t irritate allergies.

Great deals

this week


Bic Comfort 3 for Men Razors: 4 count for $2.96; use $3 for one; limit four Super Saver from 8/11/13; 4-cent moneymaker

Bic Sensitive Shaver: 12 count for $2.68; use $3 for one; 32-cent moneymaker

Poise: 24 count for $2.72; $2 coupon; pay 72 cents


ExtraCare Machine: $6 coupon off a purchase of $30 or more. This is what it adds up to originally, not what you have taken it down to with coupons. I consider this being paid $6 to come into the store.

Nice and Easy Hair Color: $5.99; $2 ExtraBucks; $1 coupon from Procter and Gamble; pay $2.99; limit one

Sally Hansen: Spend $12; get $5 EB; use $2 coupon on each bottle; limit one

Almay: Spend $10; get $4 EB; $5 coupon off two items; limit one

Smuckers Preserves: two for $4; use two 75-cent-off coupons

Gillette: $10 EB if you spend $30; limit one means this is a good one. Use $5 off cartridge and razor or $5 off ProStyle $6 coupon off three Gillette Shave Prep.

Use your store coupons to stack for extra savings; visit cvs.com for even more. Some items can be seven-stackers.


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