Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

June 9, 2013

06/09/2013 — 1990s styles were not memorable but they were comfy

Lee Ward
The Independent

ASHLAND — A couple of weeks ago, I got a press release encouraging me to do a story about the return of the fashion trends of the 1990s.

That got me thinking: What were the fashion trends of the 1990s?

Even though I was just a child in the 1960s, I know it was tie-dye T-shirts, jeans and peasant dresses.

In the 1970s, we trended toward platform shoes and flair-legged jeans.

None of these looks were good (except for the jeans and T-shirts), but it got worse.

Remember the 1980s?

Ever hear people trying to tell you how great the ’80s were?

They weren’t.

I could go on about how the 1980s were the beginning of the end of modern civilization and decency, but that’s not what this column is about, so I’ll just go on about how the 1980s were a fashion disaster.

Let’s start with the hair. Most women permed their hair to death and used palmfuls of mouse to get their hair to stand on end. It was expensive and there was nothing natural about it. Everything about big hair says expense, hard work and artificiality. I don’t like any of those concepts.

Even the men sculpted their hair into unnatural shapes. Remember Flock of Sea Gulls? Did anyone want to run fingers through that?

I could never get my soft, fine hair to stand up like that, no matter how much “product” I put in it.

Oh, it might stick up for five minutes, but by the time I got in my car, it was flat again.

Hair was just part of it. The clothing was hideous, too: dark, dull, structured suits for work and stirrup pants to go out and party in. During work, you looked like you were about to board the Starship Enterprise and when you were out partying, you looked like you forgot your pants.

Still, I couldn’t recall exactly what was happening in the fashion world in the 1990s, so I did the thing we did in the 2000s — I Googled it.

I found that, as usual with most things, the 1990s was a reaction to the 1980s and there was a trend of rejecting fashion, taking an indifferent, anti-conformist approach to fashion and favor of a casual chic look that included jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and athletic shoes. This trend continues today.

I knew there was at least one reason I missed the 1990s and I likely won’t leave that time period when it comes to style.

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