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May 5, 2013

Bad news for couponers; saving money by saving food


ASHLAND — Target

Free Crest 3D White Pro Health and Listerine Mouthwash — Target is offering a $5 Target gift card for purchasing a select oral healthcare product. This promotion is rare. You can use four.

Walmart Clearance Finds:

Barbi, Disney and more! These are winter items.


Sally Hansen $5 EB when you buy $10 minus $4 coupon. Use one on each product.

Schick Hydro 5 $9.49 minus $4 EB and $4 coupon. Limit one.

Bengay $1 EB and $3 coupon. There is no stated price. Limit one.

Kleenex 99 cents minus a 25 cent instant coupon from the coupon machine equals 74 cents. Limit one.

All Detergent $3.99 minus a $1 coupon equals $2.99.

Cheerios 3/$10 $3 EB if you buy $10 Use $1 coupon off 3 This actually is a good buy now, because the going price of Cheerios is $4 a box. Look at your Walmart ad.


I have really noticed the price of food skyrocketing this week. Make good food choices. Buy what you will eat and what is on sale this week. Each week a different meat will be on sale. Look to Aldi’s for fresh vegetables at a low price.

This week strawberries are $1.49, oranges are $1.59 a bag bananas 44 cents a lb.

Boxed candy sales are represented highly now because of the approach of Mother’s Day. Give some as a gift and get some to freeze as a treat later. Frozen candy bought at sales or clearance after Mother’s Day is just as good as the day you bought it.

Cheapest paper towels this week goes to Rite Aid, and K Mart. Bounty Basic 8 packs are 68 cents a roll.

Saving money makes a house a home. Have fun in the stores.


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