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May 24, 2014

New items on shelves; new-clothing alert

ASHLAND — If you find it hard to cool down after taking a shower, you might want to use a dehumidifier along with your air conditioner. With the current high humidity, the air conditioner has to work extra hard. You can set it on a lower temperature if you have a dehumidifier. Also, air cleaners are high on the list, now that the pollen count is so high. We can make our life indoors so much more comfortable.

Kroger news

The company is trying the new Special Needs Buggie. A caregiver will find the buggy helpful if he or she has a child who has trouble standing or couldn’t navigate the store on a go cart. The child faces you, and you have a buggy to put your items in.

The buggy is called Caroline’s Cart, and is being tried in Cincinnati, southeast Ohio and northern Kentucky. If you have a special-needs child who could benefit from the buggy, please talk to your local Kroger manager.

New products

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner;

Loreal Quickdry Sunscreen Spray 50-plus;

Dasani Drops flavor Enhancer;

Clorox Smart Seek Bleach, only bleaches white, not the color. If you have a multicolor item, it will only bleach the white part;

Mr. Peanut Cocoa Peanuts; and

Nexium 24-hour nonprescription (CVS).

When these new items come out, watch for a coupon and a sale. Together, you can take several at the lowest price.

Use your Kroger e-coupons to easily take off $25 and more every week. If you can do this easily, why wouldn’t you? Get used to the website and use it every week to download e-coupons onto your card of items you will be buying. Check your sales circular for extreme buys. Every store has great deals each week to get you into the store. We want these deals. Adjust your menu for what you have bought. An extra $100 or more each month is a great savings. There are more than 200 coupons, which means money in your pocket. Simply click and they automatically come off. Check your receipt and you will see the e-coupon stamped under the item. Use Ibotta and save even more.

Save all sales circulars for the stores you shop. These are very valuable to you. Take time to look at every page and make your list. Pull coupons or use your digital site to download coupons to your card corresponding to that week’s sales. Make a list and stick to it. We have a price in mind you don’t want to exceed. Go into the store with blinders on. Don’t get sidetracked into buying things not on sale.


Free Crest Pro Health, 16 oz.: limit two, $4.99; $4 ExtraBucks; $1 manufacturer’s coupon on each one

Free Mars Chocolate Singles. 1.08-1.92: 75 cents; get 75-cent EB; limit one

Colgate Max Clean, Maxwhite or MaxFresh Toothpaste, 6 oz.: $2.99; get $2 EB; limit two; use manufacturer’s coupon on each one

Gear Deodorant: two for $8; use the buy-one-get-one coupon; watch for a store coupon; use $2 Gear on the free one

New Nexium 24 hour, 42 count: $23.88 with $5 EB; use manufacturer’s coupon

Palmolive dish liquid: 99 cents; 50-cent coupon on each; limit four

7 Up, A&W, Canada Dry: limit four; use 99-cent store coupon, making it 69 cents.

Oxi Clean Detergent: buy one, get two free

There’s a $3 store coupon for everyone for any cosmetics purchase of $15 or more. Covergirl is B1G1 50 percent off. Use two Covergirl coupons on each product. Remember we have two P&G circulars. I am going to use two $2 Covergirl lip product coupons. This will take off $7 at least from two lipsticks. Watch your store coupons. If you get one for a Covergirl product, you can use that, too.

Loreal has $4 EB back if you spend $12, limit one. Remember the $3 coupon. You would have to buy two products to bring it up to the $15 needed for the $3/$15 store coupon to work on this one, but the Butterfly Mascara is wonderful, and it’s a real savings. At $9 off, you may want to go for this one with that coupon.

How do I shop CVS most effectively? I start with the store coupons. Because I know what manufacturer’s coupons I have, I know if I have a great deal coming. I start looking for matchups. I have the store ad in front of me, and I go over it for the sale. Sometimes there are four or more coupons coming off one item. Clip them together as you go. If you find another store coupon that can be used on the same item, put it in there. I usually have six stacks of paper-clipped deals in my envelope for CVS.

This week I have a 20-percent-off coupon to add. Put any EB you have in the envelope, too. On the outside of the envelope, write your list and the size of what you’re going for and how many. Map out every move you are going to make in the store. There are free things every week, and it’s like hitting the lottery. Would I miss a week of getting my free items? No way. It’s a gift, and it’s to get you in the store. The correct way to shop is not to be sidetracked by items not on sale that we don’t need. Buying at the right time translates into big savings.

New-clothing alert

Wash new clothes before you wear them. You can’t just snip off the tags and wear them anymore. Many items, especially cotton, have coatings containing formaldehyde to prevent wrinkles. Washing reduces those chemical levels. The chemicals can cause your eyes to burn while shopping.

No more robocalls

If you are getting annoying phone calls, sign up for Nomorobo. This is a free service that stops robocalls. If your service provider offers “simultaneous ring,” you can use Nomorobo. When a website won’t let you complete a transaction without providing a phone number, use a fake phone number beginning with 555 after the area code.

Just give your real number to those who need it, such as doctors. Some companies sell phone numbers. The “do not call” registry is not working. Nomorobo takes incoming calls to your phone and determines if they are robotic calls. It will allow legitimate calls through.

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