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January 19, 2013

AARON SNYDER: Time to order more wings

ASHLAND — As it kindled a slow, simmering fire along my palate, even the mango habanero buffalo wing sauce greeting my tastebuds and dripping from my fingers couldn’t compare to how hot the home team was on the big screen before me.

It takes an awful lot for me to leave Buffalo Wild Wings short of a three-hour stay, but I didn’t put up a fight when my lovely wife and two little ones were ready to hit the exits on Sunday afternoon.

The Atlanta Falcons were well ahead of the Seattle Seahawks, 20-0, at halftime. The future Hall of Fame tight end whose name graced the jersey I was wearing, well, he was doing his thing.

The old Chiefs attire from the back of my closet was worth brushing the dust off of — it allowed me to support one of the all-time good guys of the game. Chief-turned-Falcon Tony Gonzalez had a tip-toe touchdown along the back of the end zone that showed why he left himself some wiggle room when talking about retirement.

So, my work was done. Gonzalez and the Falcons were one win away from a Super Bowl berth.

Not so fast.

An hour or so passes by, and curiosity struck a brainwave. I reached for my iPhone, actually to check the Michigan-Ohio State basketball score before scrolling to football. But a certain NFL score caught my attention first: Falcons 27, Seahawks 21. Whaaaaaat???

Were the Seahawks really going to pull it off a crazy comeback again?

I had to listen to the last few minutes in the car, and as you know now, the Falcons barely pulled it out at home, of course with the help of a Gonzalez catch setting up the game-winning field goal.

Moral of the story? Don’t leave Buffalo Wild Wings early.

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