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April 27, 2014

04/27/2014 — Lee Ward: Girls need a little company after the loss of guardian

ASHLAND — Marcie and I have made it more than a month now without our dear Manny, our protector.

Marcie seems to have assumed the role of guard dog, taking off out the doggie door to bark at everything coming and going at all hours of the night or day.

Maybe she’s just a little bit bored. I could understand that. I’m a little bored with just one dog, too, no offense meant to her.

I’m used to having multiple dogs. Part of the reward of having more than one dog is the pleasure their interaction brings the owner. They work out their specific relationships, establishing their roles and positions in the pack.

For sure, Manny was the pack leader once he was full grown. The girl dogs I had before Marcie arrived didn’t pay any attention to his leadership, but Manny was still the leader because that was his personality.

When sweet, submissive Marcie joined the pack, Manny finally had someone to lead.

I thought Marcie would be heartbroken without him. However, she’s adopted the British motto: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Meanwhile, I miss having more than one animal in the house. I miss seeing them play together, love on each other, shoot each other looks across the room.

While I’m not exactly looking for another animal, I think I’m subconsciously keeping an eye out.

For instance, there has been a lovely black and white cat hanging out at my house. I guess he’s hanging out there because I keep putting a little milk out for him.

He also likes to chill in the dog house on the deck. The dogs have never liked that igloo-shaped dog house. I suspect the cat does, because to him, it’s a kick to be in the house of a sworn enemy.

It turns out he’s the neighbor’s cat. Thank goodness. I didn’t really need a cat, but I’m happy for him to visit every day, especially if he will kill a few mice and make our house a little more interesting.

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