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February 23, 2014

Keith Kappes: Out of the mouths of babes: 02/24/14

ASHLAND — As a proud grandfather, I’m constantly amused or impressed by the things our grandkids say and do.

Here’s another sampling:

Our 10-year-old granddaughter was holding her baby cousin in Sunday school class when her teacher asked that she come to the front of the class.

She turned to a 10-year-old boy who’s smitten with her and asked him to hold the baby.

The shy lad quickly moved away, saying he didn’t like babies.

At that point, my granddaughter said firmly:

If you’re planning to be my husband someday, you better get over that business real quick.”

Yep, he held the baby.

My 3-year-old namesake grandson likes the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale.  

He also likes the movie “Castaway” and especially the ocean scenes with “Wilson,” the volleyball companion of Tom Hanks’ character.

His mother asked him recently if he wanted a special story at bedtime.

He thought about it for a minute, smiled broadly and excitedly asked his mom to read “Wilson and the Whale.”

Our 5-year-old grandson asked his mother one day how soon he would be allowed to have his own flat-screen TV in his bedroom.

She said not until he was at least 18. He considered her answer for a moment and then responded:

“Eighteen! Come on, mom, that’s when people have to start using a cane.”

The same young man and his father were the first to wake on Christmas morning.

They emptied their stockings on the floor and the little boy noticed he had one more gift than his dad.

He offered the extra gift to his father but it was politely refused. At that point, the youngster explained:

“But that’s OK, Dad. Christmas is the time we share with others.”

KEITH KAPPES, publisher of The Morehead News, Olive Hill Times and Grayson Journal Enquirer, can be reached at kkappes@cnhi.com

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