Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

July 7, 2013

Tips to stay cool this summer while saving money

Melinda Hester
The Independent

ASHLAND — Our electric bills are going to raise 8 percent very soon.

How can we stay cool in summer and still keep our bills in line? There are always ways to cut here, to help ourselves. I have a gas stove instead of electric, but heating up the oven costs more electricity to cool the house down after the oven has been on. I’m trying to use the oven early in the morning. You can easily bake in crock pots, too. Set it up in early morning to have dessert that evening.

Draw the drapes during the day to keep the sun from coming through. This keeps the house cooler and the bills lower. A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, and with less humidity, the rooms feel cooler.

If you have a window air conditioner, you can choose to close off certain rooms and keep only certain ones cool. Just shut the door.

Clothes dryers will cost much more. I have a clothesline in the basement that I use every night. I might partially dry something, and hang it up to finish drying. Many things I hang to dry without the clothes dryer at all. If it needs a tumble for wrinkles, let it tumble 10 min. and quickly get the clothes out. Steaming out wrinkles is faster and costs less than ironing. You can crease the sleeves and just steam the rest of the outfit.

Drying racks will be worth their weight in gold. Invest in one. A clothesline for outside use on sunny days will be a must have. I grew up with one. Most clothes will need steamed if you hang them out.

Use energy efficient appliances whenever you can. If your washer spins clothes extremely dry, they will dry much quicker in the dryer or outside. Did you know that sunlight whitens? You may not want to hang a brightly colored outfit outside.

The rising cost of electricity will almost surely make everything cost more. Restaurants will pass the added cost on to you. Their grills and ovens will cost more to run.

How do the Amish keep cool? They don’t use air conditioners, and so I have looked into how they manage to work so hard yet make it through summer heat. Their houses are placed to get the most air flow. They use shade trees, and the men wear hats to shield them from the hot sun. Most work is done very early of the morning, starting at 4 a.m.

How do people in Texas and Georgia keep cooler when working in full sun? I asked when my daughter and son-in-law lived in both of these states. Lawn workers wear khaki color only. I thought white would deflect the sun’s rays most, but khaki is the color these workers say work best, and it is the only color they wear.

Also, they wear what is known as a “sun hat.” These are rated to UPF 50 Some have a back flap to keep the sun off your neck, moisture wicking to keep your head dry, and they protect your nose, ears and face. Look for these at Wal-Mart and LL Bean.

Which activities are cooler? Of course, going to the pool or to places such as Carter Caves.

Change it

It’s time to change out your coupon binders now because most coupons expired on June 30. Be sure and put all brands together for maximum use.

All BOGOs and dollars off of the same name product should be on the same page. For example, all Pantene product coupons should be on the same page. We are waiting for the right sale and the stars to align for that perfect deal.

Dollar Tree

International Delight Singles eight count $1. Use $1/1. Free.

Garnier Fructis Color Shield 6 oz. $1.Use $1/1. Free.

MIO Water Enhancer $1. Use $1/1. Free.

L’Oreal Paris Eye Gloss $1. Use $2/1. Free.

Playtex Glide Tampons $1. Use $1/1. Free.


25 percent store coupon at Coupon Center

Huggies $9.99. Get $5 EB, limit 2. Use $3 manufacturer’s coupon on each box.

L’Oreal Hair Color, buy 2 get $4 EB. Use 2 manufacturer’s coupons. $2 each. Watch for any CVS hair care coupons to stack. Limit one deal.

Gillette Venus or ProGlide Razor, get $2 EB, limit one. Use $5 Gillette Venus disposable.

BOGO Arm and Hammer Detergent. Use 2 $1 off each one manufacturer’s coupons.

Spend $20 on certain P&G items and get $5 EB or spend $30 and get $10 EB.

Pantene. Use coupon to buy pantene shampoo and get one Pantene conditioner or styler free. The free one also counts toward the $20 or the $30.

Dawn Dish Liquid, 97 cents, 25 cent coupon.

Covergirl, buy one get one 50 percent off. If you buy Lip Perfection, use $4 off two coupon. Use any CVS store coupon that applies to makeup on this deal.

With the bucks back on this deal, you can consider buying toilet paper or paper towels for free.

At 25 percent off and with the bucks back, using coupons on everything, you just left the other shoppers with their mouths hanging open.