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March 10, 2013

Putting deals together; how to arrange coupons

ASHLAND — Some coupons work together to make a fantastic buy. If we’re guilty of anything, it’s not using as many coupons as we can. This takes planning so search the websites. For example, “I Heart CVS” gives the deals of the week, and running on the right side are pictures of the coupons that can be used. Some people will blog on the site about their deals.

I like to clip my deals together and write the deals on an envelope. Inside the envelope are coupons ready to use. The number I’m going after is planned in advance and specified on the outside of the envelope. Read your coupons carefully. Is it for one for two? What are good-for dates? What’s the exact name of the product?

Read the coupon at least twice while preparing for your attack on the store. Isn’t this really like a planned military mission? We want everything to go right. What we’re trying to do is bring everything we buy down in price. We want free items or to make money on the deal.

How to arrange a coupon binder

Put all coupons for the same product together on the same page. There are several this month for buy one/get one, and the same product will also have a coupon for up to $1 off.

Put all coupons for Pantene on one page, all coupons for Vidal Sassoon on one page. Why? There are BOGO coupons and money-off coupons that can work together.

Here is an example of what you can do. CVS has Pantene products for two for $7. Let’s knock that price down! I go to my Pantene page and use a BOGO coupon, but I can also use a coupon if I have it on the free one. I have on this page a CVS coupon for $1 off any Pantene product, and I know a store coupon is stackable. So I can also use a 50-cent off one coupon for the free one, too. This is maximizing coupon usage and getting the price down as far as we can. Now we are only paying $2 for two.

Why does this work? Because each item goes through the register as a purchase. The register doesn’t know until the coupons are given at the end which coupons you have. If there is a product for the coupon, it will accept it. This is legal, not cheating.

The best scenario would be if it also gained store bucks. In this case it does not.

Start saving coupons now if you are taking the Frugal Living Couponing Class. Most coupons will still be valid when we go shopping.

Senior discounts, free items

By the time you approach your retirement years, you have contributed much to society. Seniors deserve something for free after all that work.

By age 50 to 55, you qualify for many freebies. Some restaurants offer free beverages and percentages off meals. Declare your age and take advantage of the perks.

Did you know if you get your doctor to write a prescription for a walker or a cane that those items are free?

Kohl’s reminds senior citizens to shop on Wednesdays for a 15 percent discount. I’m looking forward to the Ashland Kohl’s next year!

Kroger welcomes seniors on Tuesdays for an extra 5 percent off. Belk also has senior discounts on Tuesdays.

The American Association of Retired Persons advises seniors to ask for discounts when reserving motels, flights and camping spaces and for park passes. Banks also offer many discounts to seniors.

So if you’re a senior, don’t overlook those coupons! This is one of the biggest source of savings.

If you have children, look for restaurants where children eat free. Check mykidseatfree.com for a list.


Coke: five for $15; $5 Extra Bucks; limit one deal equals 16 cents a can.

Gold Emblem Jelly Beans: 99 cents; 99-cent EB; free.

Covergirl: buy one, get one for 50 percent off Covergirl Lash $3; manufacturer’s coupon and CVS coupon for $2 on Outlast Nail.

Sally Hansen: spend $10, get $5 EB. I suggest nail polish. Use $2 manufacturer’s coupon on each bottle.

Simple Facial Care: spend $15, get $5 EB; use $1 coupon on each.

Crest Pro Health Rinse, 1 liter: Limit two, $4.99; $2 EB; use $1 CVS coupon and stack with a 50-cent manufacturer’s coupon.

Pampers: $10 EB if you buy $30 equals three/$20. Look online for Pamper coupons to print.

Suave deoderant: $1 coupon; 50 cents in today’s Independent.

Free or nearly free


Reach dental floss: $1; use half off equals 50 cents each if you buy two.

Alka Seltzer Plus: $1; use $2/one free.

Aleve 6 count: $1; use $1/one; All You Magazine

Pepperidge Farm Jingos: $1; use $1/one; free.

WestSoy soy milk; $1; $1/one coupon; use Westsoy milk.com coupon.

Nestle Nesquik: $1; use 50 cents/one equals 50 cents.

Efferdent Cleanser: $1; use 75 cents/one equals 25 cents.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 16 oz.: $1; use 50 cents/two equals 75 each if you buy two.


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