Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

November 26, 2013

And now for something completely different

Cathie Shaffer
The Independent

ASHLAND — And, once again, it’s Thanksgiving. I propose we put aside our Christmas gift lists, discussions of the Kmart boxer shorts commercial and plans for holiday decorating and enjoy Thursday for its original intent — a time to break bread with and share the company of family and friends.

This holiday is a little like silicone — commercialism slides off. Yes, one can buy inflatable turkeys for the yard and special greeting cards are available, but on the whole, stores are too concerned with Black Friday after Thanksgiving sales to push the November holiday.

Except ...

The big stores’ plan for avoiding the Black Friday rush is to start their sales on Thanksgiving. Even, at one major retailer, at 6 a.m., which is when many cooks are up stuffing the turkey.

Now I’m all about the Yuletide with its decorations, good cheer and, of course, presents. But why don’t retailers follow up their Black Friday sales with Marvelous Monday and save some of their fantastic, don’t miss bargains until then?

(Saturday is already claimed as Small Business Saturday, and I encourage all to shop their local, non-chain stores that day.”

Marvelous Monday would give us a chance to recover from the huge meal and a weekend of relatives. Stores could have early-early specials for those folks who start their day at the crack of dawn, late-late specials for those who get off at midnight and plain old specials for everyone else.

Who’s me on this? If there are enough of us who like Thanksgiving the way it is, then let’s start a national movement.

The grassroots approach will work. We can start by sending e-mails to friends and relatives encouraging them to eat more pie on Thanksgiving and move their shopping over to Monday.

We can design a snazzy logo with a slogan like “Thanks(giving) for Marvelous Monday” or “I’m waiting until Marvelous Monday.”

T-shirts would be good too. Maybe some artist could draw a guy kicked back in a recliner, turkey leg in hand, with “I’m waiting for Marvelous Monday” underneath it.

We’ll start with those local stores and encourage them to add Marvelous Monday to their Small Business Saturday promotions. Once a buzz builds, the big retailers will have no choice but to get on board.

The first step, of course, is to boycott Thanksgiving shopping no matter how good the deals are. Instead take that come-buy ad a few days later and say, “Can you honor this as a Marvelous Monday deal?”

Okay, yeah, they’ll probably look at you like you’re crazy. Or maybe whoever is behind the counter will call a manager who will call his supervisor and it will go up the chain to someone who finally says, “Hmmm. Marvelous Monday. What a great idea.”

I’ll let Name The Big Chain Store have the credit if it means quiet streets and noisy families on Thanksgiving.

And remember to schedule a vacation day on Marvelous Monday so I can get up early and shop, shop, shop.

CATHIE SHAFFER can be reached at cathieshaffer@zoominternet.net.