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February 24, 2013

02/24/2013 — Lee Ward: Squashing double standards and keeping a clean nose

ASHLAND — It’s been about eight months since I’ve worn makeup on a regular basis. I could lie and say I have a skin condition that prohibits it, but the fact is, I’ve become too lazy to wear it.

When the power was out for almost a week after the duracho, I didn’t see the point. It was so hot, it was going to melt off anyway, so why bother?

Besides, with the little bit of a tan I had, I could get by on that and vowed to return to makeup after the weather cooled off. But I didn’t. In that eight-month period, I have worn makeup only twice.

What’s the big deal? you may wonder. Why is wearing makeup so important? Why is not wearing makeup such an issue?

I never had much interest in it, but my mother pressured me to “put on my face” when I was a teenager. Was she very concerned with how things to the point of being superficial or was she just encouraging me to be the best “me” I could be? Nobody knows, but like a good daughter, I did what I was told and started enjoying playing with the colors.

But now, I’m getting my jollies playing with color by painting, so I don’t really need to play with makeup.

I’m tired. Putting it on is just half the battle; you then must take it off at night, for the good of your skin. I’d rather just fall over at the end of the day than tend to the chore of my face.

Think of the time saved not having to spare 10 minutes in the morning for application and 10 minutes at night for removal, not to mention the money saved on products.

After surviving without it for this long, I’m so sure I won’t go back to it that I recently threw away most of my stash, except for a few tubes of lipstick. That’s easy to apply and remove and it provides some protection from the elements.

I’ve also started to wonder why society insists women need paint on their faces to look acceptable while men are just fine without it. That doesn’t seem fair.

Factor this in: Men continue to outearn women, but women are the ones expected to spend a high percentage of those earnings on things like expensive creams, cleaners and colorings.

Still, I know I don’t wear makeup because I’m lazy, but it sure is nice to have just cause for my behavior.

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