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April 15, 2013

Journey almost over: It’s Race Day!

Amy Compston
The Independent

ASHLAND — (This is the last in an eight-week diary series following 28-year-old Amy Compston — a fulltime nurse, wife and mother of four — during her preparation for the Boston Marathon, which is today. She begins running at 10:20 this morning. Text 345678, then type in runner and Amy’s bib number, which is 13167 for updates on her race.


Wow! One week out from Race Day! The excitement is getting intense. I went to my daughter Skylar’s track meet today (where she did great, by the way) and it really made me ready to race. Before the track meet I had to get my working in: Five easy miles at a 7:14 pace. I can tell my body is starting to get really rested up and recovered from the weeks of training because my times are getting faster but with less effort. I feel good, ready to race!

I started increasing my amount of “good” fluids today — lots of water and Powerade. I want to make sure I’m totally hydrated by Race Day. Also had a nice pizza and bread sticks tonight, increasing the carbs. This week my diet will consist of about 80 percent carbs. My muscles need to be fully loaded to perform my best.

I’m extremely excited today because I found out Team Hoyt will be running the Boston Marathon again this year. This marks the father/son duo’s 31st year of running the Boston Marathon. This duo is unique because the dad (Dick Hoyt) pushes his son (Rick) in a wheelchair all 26.2 miles. These men have even completed triathlons together. Rick Hoyt told his dad years ago he wanted to run a marathon. His dad told his wheelchair-bound son, “OK, let’s do it!” Since then these men have competed in marathons and triathlons all over the country. They run because they love it.

This father/son relationship is beautiful and shows real love. You can’t help but think of God’s amazing love when you hear this story. If a mere man could love his child so much he would push him 26.2 miles, swim and pull him in a boat three miles and bike him 20 miles, we can’t even comprehend the love God has for us. He sent his son, his ONLY son, to die for us so that we may live with him. Now that’s real love. That’s the kind of love we need to strive for. That’s the kind of love we need to show! Praise God for his amazing love!


Such a beautiful day! It’s 84 degrees and sunny, just a slight breeze. My run today was great — six miles at an easy pace of 7:30. My body and mind wanted to go faster. I kept looking down at my watch and finding myself running in the 6:50’s. I had to keep reminding myself: “Slow down, save it for Race Day!” I feel excited. My mind and body are ready to race!

My run today was interesting. I heard someone yell “Marathon girl!” and another person a little later said “Are you Boston?” and then on my cool down a sweet couple on their bikes said “Are you Amy?” To all these questions I waved and said “Yep!” I’m so thankful to this community for all the love, support and encouragement you have shown me through this journey! I’m very blessed to receive such positive feedback from everyone whether by shoutouts on the road or by the awesome emails I’ve received. I want all to know your kind words are very encouraging and very helpful. I’m running first for God, second my family and thirdly for this area. This area has been so overcome with drug abuse. It doesn’t have to be that way. I want to show with God’s love, grace and power anything is possible! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philipians 4:13. … and so can you!


I slept for almost 12 hours last night. Getting all the rest I can this week. I am just so excited today. One of the elite runners posted this morning on Facebook she felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve! That’s exactly how I feel! Excited, full of wonder, just wanting to dig right in to the presents or, in my case, the race! Five days out and my heart is already beating a little faster! I read today in Matthew 28:20 where Jesus said “I am with you always.” He didn’t say sometimes, he said always. I have a peace about the race knowing God himself is right there with me! I’m not anxious at all. I have no doubts knowing God is with me every step, every mile, till the finish forever! Praise God for his faithfulness. He never leaves us! If we feel distant from him it’s because we have left him! He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!

This is my last journal entry from Kentucky. It’s bittersweet. I’ve truly enjoyed sharing this journey, sharing God’s love! Today is a rest day and that’s what I intend to do.

It’s off to Boston early tomorrow morning! My purse is loaded with 200 tracts for the journey from Columbus to Boston! To God be the glory!


So today was very eventful.  In view of running it was a rest day. But today was anything but restful. We left Ashland at 3 a.m., drove to Columbus, then from there flew to Washington, D.C., then to Boston. Every flight was on time and smooth sailing so we were very blessed! Once in Boston we had to figure out the subway and bus system — a huge task for eight kids and nine adults. But we did it and even made it to our dinner reservations on time. Of course, I had pasta and shrimp for dinner. Pretty much eating all carbs today! Bought some Twizzlers; those are great for carb loading. Low in fat and nearly 40 carbs per serving! I praise God today for our safe travels.

Praising God today because we got nearly 350 tracts passed out today! The kids were just so on fire to get God’s word out! We adults have a lot to learn from them today. They were all so bold for Christ. They were rejected a few times but that did not stop them! It was just so beautiful, such a great moment in my life to see my kids, my niece and my nephew so on fire for God!!

I pray God gives me the boldness each of these children had today! God is so awesome and I praise him for my children and the fact that they all know him and love him! To God be the Glory!


Awesome day! I woke up to fried potatoes and biscuits with strawberry jelly, thanks to my dad.  A great start to the official first carb-loading day. We spent most the day at the marathon expo. Today was the first of the three day expo. It was awesome. I picked up my bib (my race number) also received my official Boston Marathon racing shirt. It is very nice. The expo was like a runner’s paradise. Every athletic brand was there with all their apparel, every sports drink and energy bar brand was there, too. We got to sample several different types of endurance foods.  Also got a few nice Boston running shirts at a great price.

My favorite part of the expo was meeting Team Hoyt, the men I mentioned earlier in the week. They are the father/son duo who race together. The son has been wheelchair bound since birth and they have been in more than 1,000 races together. It was such an honor to shake their hands and just tell them how truly inspiring they are.  Dick Hoyt, the father, is 72 and his son Rick is 51! Dick has pushed Rick in every race since they started in 1977! How awesome are they to still be marathoning together! They are very nice men!  It totally made my day!!

After the expo we went for pizza and bread sticks (more carbs) and throughout the day I snacked on Twizzlers and drank five bottles of Gatorade, two bottles of water and my regular coffee and pop! All day I had some type of carb in my hand! I would just like to praise God today for blessing me so richly! For not only allowing me to run Boston but that I also got to meet the two most awesome runners l’ve heard of and got to experience all this greatness with my family! Just found out tonight my other sister from Chicago and her family will be here tomorrow night! Twenty-two people in one house! Eleven children and eleven adults!  Wow... GOD is so good!! I absolutely have the best family and support group!!! Two more days till race day!!

I did run today, just four easy miles through Boston! I did notice this place is all city but very hilly. Lots of rolling hills! Hopefully Ashland Avenue has got me well prepared. We will soon find out!!!


Again what an awesome day! We started the day off with a big breakfast at a local cafe ... absolutely delicious! I had three large blueberry pancakes, great start to day 2 of the carb loading! Again today I’ve had some sort of carb with me all day. I ate one bag of Gummy Life savers and one bag of Swedish fish. That was an easy 600 carbs right there! I had 3-32 ounce bottles of Gatorade and one bottle of water, that’s of course on top of my regular fluid intake.  For dinner I had a chicken sandwich, two orders of fries and a banana chocolate frappe. The frappe was voted “Boston’s Best” in 2012 so I had to try it.  For night snack I had Twizzlers and pretzels plus more Gatorade.

The simple sugars are what I’m wanting the most because they break down into energy the quickest!! Carbs, carbs and more carbs! We saw the Boston Red Sox play today, it was great! Fenway Park was awesome, so much history there.  We also walked around downtown Boston a little. It’s so unique and historic. I love it. Such a culture shock!

The atmosphere here is so exciting! Everyone is so pumped for the race. Not just the runners but even all the locals. People here love the marathon and all the runners! God has blessed me and my family so richly! One day out from race day and I’m feeling great. No pains, no aches! I feel fueled and ready to rock! Tract mission is going great! Total tracts passed out so far ... 700!!! We know God’s word will not return void so we are just passing them out all over! God is so awesome! Everyone needs to hear about him!!! I get to watch my husband and sister race in the Boston 5k in the morning! I pray God blesses them with a safe, fast, injury free and fun run! Can’t wait to watch them!! Praising God today because he has blessed my family and I more than we could ever have imagined! God truly is so good all the time! To God be the Glory!

No running today, just resting and getting fueled up!


So today was incredible.  Got to watch Amanda (my sister) and Chris (my husband) run the Boston 5K! They did awesome. The men’s London Olympian silver medalist won the 5K at a time of 13:37!  Yes 13:37 ... that is not a typo! It was awesome!

My family took the kids AND allowed me and Chris to go back to the expo by ourselves. It was amazing. I got to meet, shake hands with and have pictures taken with my favorite athletes and Olympians! Feel so very blessed today. God even got us to the front of both lines to meet them! He just totally worked it all out!

Since today is the day before Marathon Monday, no running for me! I focused on rest and carbs today! I ate a bagel, two pieces of toast, four rolls and 32-ounce bottle of Gatorade just for breakfast, then 12-inch calzone for lunch. Snacks in between! Tonight I will just eat light so I don’t feel full in the morning.

Please say a prayer for me as soon as you read this. My starting gun is at 10:20 a.m. I’m excited and so very thankful! God has blessed me beyond belief and I know he’ll carry me every step, every mile tomorrow! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! BOSTON 2013! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

AMY COMPSTON can be reached at amylwesolowski@yahoo.com.