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June 23, 2013

Lee Ward: Spoiled shoppers can't be satisfied: 6/23/13

ASHLAND — Sometimes I start feeling bad about how my house looks — how small it is, how it lacks curb appeal, how I should get out there and plant some flowers — but there are hundreds of things I’d rather do so I don’t.

Then, I watch HGTV and I feel a lot worse.

Although sometimes I like to watch home makeovers and do-it-yourself projects, my favorites are about people looking for new houses.

I saw one recently in which a couple were looking for a new house, preferably in a particular school district for their daughter, and they had a budget of $1 million.

I’d like to know where all these well-to-do people are coming from. Most of my friends are like me: they can’t wrap their tiny little brains around $1 million, much less have a budget that big for anything.

These ingrates looked at three houses and weren’t truly satisfied with any of them.

The husband would have had a terribly long commute from one of the houses. That would be enough to turn me off, regardless of the view or the house.

One of the houses wouldn’t have room for the piano and it was slightly over budget. I can understand music being a big part of one’s life and making having a music room a priority.

The third house, which was roomy and open with a great view, wasn’t to their taste because of the kitchen decor and the ugly carpet.

Oh, and it wasn’t in the school district they had hoped for.

But the decor seemed to be the most important factor for them.

In a place where houses commonly sell for $1 million or more, I’m sure all the school districts are pretty good, but wouldn’t that be more of a concern than if the kitchen is out of date?

Get a load of that kitchen: it was bigger than my kitchen, dining and living areas combined and there was nothing wrong with it that a good paint job couldn’t cure.

These people were spoiled.

Then, the woman pointed out the “hideous” carpet they weren’t going to be able to live with. I took notice because it’s the same carpet I have in two bedrooms of my house. I thought of a couple of choice words for her, but then I let go of my indignation. She’s free to find my carpet repulsive, even if she is wrong. I like my carpet just fine.

In the end, it was the house with the outdated kitchen and the ugly carpet the couple chose because it was cheap enough they would have $50,000 left over for a new kitchen and floor covering.

It was the house I would have chosen, too, but I would have saved that $50,000 for when there’s something the house really needs.

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