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February 16, 2014

02/23/2014 — Lee Ward: No jail time for committing random acts of kindness

ASHLAND — By one source, tomorrow is a very important day — Random Act of Kindness Day.

It also has been said the week of Feb. 10 through 16 is Random Act of Kindness Week.

Either way, it’s a good reminder to give some consideration to what you can do to help others at any time.

It’s a productive way to make the world happier. It often is practiced by civic groups, but can be observed by anyone at any time in a group or alone.

Committing random acts of kindness has given rise to the Random Act of Kindness Foundation, which recommends several ways to participate.

‰Give out free popsicles (best saved for summertime).

‰Pick up trash.

‰When leaving a parking building, pay the tab for the person behind you, or simply put coins into meters along the street.

‰In the same vein, pay for lunch for the car behind you in a drive-through.

‰Find strangers in the phone book and write sweet, uplifting notes to a few.

‰Got a new neighbor? Make sure you introduce yourself and offer to be of help.

‰Stop and offer to help change someone’s flat tire.

‰Simply talk to a homeless person.

‰Send a letter to the boss of a waiter or clerk who did a particularly good job for you.

‰Be a designated driver.

‰Give out hugs.

‰Help a coworker with a project.

‰Let somone in front of you in line at the grocery store.

‰Renew a friendship.

‰Offer help to a teacher at a local school.

‰Write a letter of appreciation to someone who made a difference in your life.

‰When you see a child crying in public, instead of complaining about the noise, go to the child and try to quiet the tears by making the child laugh.

‰Make a point of giving out five compliments in a day.

‰Praise your boss and thank your employees.

‰Make a bird feeder and keep it filled.

‰Baby-sit for free.

‰Provide dinner for someone in need.

‰Collect nonperishables for a food bank.

‰Hold the door open for someone.

‰In flash-mob style, distribute cupcakes at a mall to anyone who will take one.

There is no sense in putting an end to random acts of kindness; people need it all the time.

Besides, tomorrow is Do a Grouch a Favor Day, and who needs kindness more than a grouch?

LEE WARD can be reached at lward@dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2661.

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