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January 31, 2014

Looking issues in the face

ASHLAND — Hide-and-seek isn’t just for kids, and the older we get, the more this fact seems to reveal itself.

The only thing that changes in this game from childhood to adulthood is the level of complication.

One day, you’re hiding from one of your friends behind a couch in an innocent game; the next, you find yourself hiding from your boss, your family, or any other problems thrown at your adult life.

As I grow older, I find myself anxious to come out of hiding and confront my real-life problems as the issues become more complicated and more important things become the gambling chips.

A quote comes to mind: “You can run, but you can’t hide,” said Love.

“It doesn’t matter which you do because I will always catch up to you,” said Life.

I can’t remember exactly when I became less afraid of confrontation. It could have been through observing my parents face their own issues head-on, through my educators or in church, but it is the most valuable lesson I have learned in life.

For myself, most problems are a result of my mistakes.

For instance, for two years, I have had a three-person friendship with two valuable people in my life — bonds maintained through trust. I’m ashamed to admit the bond between one person was secretly broken by actions of myself and the third friend. Actions that were ultimately mistakes, but unacceptable, nonetheless.

This was an easily avoidable problem. Our friend never had to know.

But I realized the mistakes made could not be undone; the only way to make anything right was to suck it up, tell the truth and endure the deserving consequences.

I won’t lie, it didn’t make my life any easier or cause the betrayed to praise me for my good will, but my friend does trust and respect me more than the one who shied away from confrontation.

And now, I turn to you, the reader: Is there something you are hiding from? An admittance of a mistake you’re unjustly harboring? A person you are afraid to talk to?

I challenge you this week to confront your problems head-on — but not because you think it will magically improve your life or dissolve all your issues.

Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

LANA BELLAMY can be reached at dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2653.

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