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June 15, 2014

06/15/2014 — Lee Ward: Don't cry over housework

ASHLAND — Housekeeping is becoming a lost art, and that’s understandable. Most don’t have time to devote to a house when nearly everyone has to work for a living. We have obligations outside the home; because home is for one’s self, we’ll let it slide. We’re not going to hold ourselves to unreasonably high standards. I’m not even going to hold myself to fairly low standards.

Housekeeping has been on my mind since I saw a video online demonstrating how to fold a fitted sheet.

Jo Cooper of LivingOnADime.com prefaces her demonstration by saying, “One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your life is how to fold a fitted sheet.”

Let that sink in for a minute: “One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your life is how to fold a fitted sheet.”

If that’s true in your life, you might consider readjusting your priorities.

She continues, explaining how quick the folding process is once you get used to it and how much space it saves in your linen closet to fold your sheets as opposed to wadding them up, as I have done most of my life.

Despite my basic disagreement with Jo about what’s important in life, I watched the video several times because, like math, folding a fitted sheet makes me cry and I thought, unlike math, maybe I could learn to fold a fitted sheet. I was wrong.

First, she says, hold the sheet lengthwise by the corners with the right side toward your body. Most of my sheets have sides so close in length, I can’t tell which is long-ways. This is a problem I discovered when making up the bed. I usually try putting them on the wrong way before I discover which is lengthwise.

Also note she said “with the right side toward your body.” Does it matter which is the right side of the sheet? How can you tell which side of the sheet is the right side? Am I being too philosophical or did I miss more than I thought by taking science instead of home ec in high school?

Then comes a bunch of jibber jabber about tucking corners of sheets into other corners of sheets. I knew I was lost before we got to this point, but I continued watching the video. In fact, I watched it several times and then tried to fold a fitted sheet, but it’s not as easy as it looks — for me, anyway.

Before the tears started to flow, I decided to go back to my recently discovered answer to sheets: I jam the fitted sheet, the flat sheet and one pillow case into the second pillow case. That way, they stay together. It might not be as space saving as folding the sheet, but I can do it without crying.

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