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December 9, 2012

MELINDA HESTER: Tri-State Pickers offers a new way to save and make money

ASHLAND — Tri-State Pickers is a great way to save or make money. Created by Jason and Justin Maddy, Tri-State Pickers is a Facebook page where all postings are free. It’s very simple. Just follow group rules, which are stated on the page, and you are selling and buying locally.

Working the tri-state only, it boasts more than 22,000 members already and offers instant gratification because, when you post something, you have to be ready to meet the person to exchange the item for cash. Rules are that you don’t bid on something if you don’t have the cash right then.

No one wants to wait for your payday. If you need some cash today, you can go through your house, wash an item, take a nice picture and post it.

First person to click in has first rights. Most people meet in parking lots at the mall to exchange. My friend Sabra just sold a very nice child’s bed on there for $30.

They have a Christmas charity they are collecting for and have graciously offered to help us fill one of our Christmas charites in Sabra’s Coupon Club for 44 children. Any help with toys is appreciated.

I have to brag on King’s Daughters Medical Center for giving us the Parkview Café at 5:30 on the first week of each month for our coupon meetings. They have even offered to give us free soft drinks with our meals.

King’s Daughters employees have filled a huge need in this area for Christmas. What a fine bunch of people. Please come and join us for the next coupon meeting in January. I’ll post the time as it nears.

Sabra’s Couponing Club is taking couponing to the next level for feeding and clothing needy children in the Ashland area. Also, we are providing Christmas toys.

With the money we save in the stores and watching for sales, we are filling this need. What a great group of girls. We are helping adults learn budgeting and couponing as a way to help feed their families.

I think one thing we’re all hoping for these children, and our own, is the “wow” when they open their gift. When buying your gift, try to decide on the price, the sale and “the wow factor.”

 I would just as soon not give a gift if it doesn’t bring a smile to a child’s face. But, there are many ways to bring a gift into our price range.

Write down the sizes, ages and anything you know about the child you are buying for. Keep all coupons and store bucks in an envelope in your purse.

Use any phone apps at the register that are available to you. Macy’s asked me rcently if I had any, and the girl downloaded a $5 app for me at the register.

If something you have bought goes on sale, some retailers will do a price adjustment. Ask for it, and you must have your receipt.

Target and Staples will do this for 14 days. Do ask for gift receipts, so that the item can be exchanged if it doesn’t fit. Without seeing the child you are buying for, it can become difficult.

For friends, finding what their interests are is as easy as looking at their Facebook page.

Cash Mobs

This is sort of what we do at CVS on Tuesday nights.

Cash mobbing is when a group of people show up at one store, using social media, to do something all together. Individuals or groups choose a time to shop at a certain store bringing much needed business. In return, the store might give great deals to them because they came on a slow night. Sometimes stores can do as much as $1,100 in 25 minutes by hosting a cash mob event. Our coupon charity would be a great one to host. That means lower prices for us and cash for your store.


CVS has a magazine for only 99 cents that is full of coupons good only for CVS. These are usually stackable. This month’s boasts over $43 worth of coupons.

‰M&M’s 4/$10 Use CVS coupon for $2 =4/$8 - $3 EB

‰American Greetings Cards - Coupon buy 2 get one free $3 EB, then you can buy Chilly Dog for $5.99

‰Toys are now being marked down. Use your EB Bucks to bring the price on down.

‰Almay buy 2 cosmetics get $5 EB. Use 2 $2 coupons

‰Neutrogena - Spend $20 get $7 EB Limit one deal

‰Gillette Venus - Use BOGO 1 free Coupon, and use a $1 coupon on the free one. Limit one.


‰Gillette Fusion Razor - Buy 2 Use $10 coupon off any disposable, and a $5 coupon on one disposable Limit one.

‰Crest 3D Whitestrips - The coupon machine will give you a $10 coupon and you save $5 with your card Limit one.

‰CVS batteries buy one get one free. Don’t forget the batteries for the toys you buy.


Peppermint Ice Cream Pie

1 Carton Peppermint Ice Cream

I Chocolate Crust Pre-pared (Keebler)

1 small Cool Whip

1⁄2 cup crushed candy canes

Melt the ice cream until soft enough to spread. Let the cool whip also soften. Put both into a large bowl, and beat together when softened.

Spoon mixture into the chocolate pie crust, Cover in Saran Wrap, and place in freezer for 2 hours to re-harden.

Serve after supper. Cut, and place on dessert plates. Spoon crushed candy canes on top of piece of pie, and spoon a little onto the plate. Drizzle with melted chocolate

Make a basket

Another great way to save is to make your own baskets. ALDI is making this very easy for us to provide gift baskets this year.

Theme your basket. You could make a cheese basket from ALDI’s new line, which includes goat cheese, feta, blue cheese, edam, gouda and brie.

Using their new Specialty Line you could add gourmet crackers and make a wonderful gift basket. Use Saran Wrap to seal it and put a bow on top.

It’s easyo to make fruit baskets using ALDI’s grapefruit at $1.99 for a five pound bag, whole pinapple for $1.99, Mandarin oranges at $1.99 and pomegranates at 59 cents each

If you are doing a food basket or box you can use gift wrap or any sturdy box to make it pretty.

ALDI’s has very nice potatoes at $1.29 a bag, ham for 99 cents a pound, put in some canned vegetables from your stockpile, brown-and-serve rolls for 99 cents.

ALDI does not take coupons, but does have great prices. My pick for doing holiday baskets. Make your own and save big.

Have fun in the stores!

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