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July 6, 2014

Coupons worth clipping; shopping tips

ASHLAND — We’re seeing some higher value coupons from Procter and Gamble this week. The business advertises to be $113 worth of coupons in one P&G alone. Couponers can turn it into more money than that. Tide Pods have a new Free and Gentle with an introductory coupon for $2, and as expected, there is a corresponding sale at CVS at $4.99 minus the $2 coupon, making it only $2.99. Usually, the day the coupons come out will be the biggest push on the items inside the coupon ads.

Come to class!

Class is in full swing, and we’re already having reports of unbelievable deals. We start class trips at the store this week, and it’s not too late to join. Call Ashland Community and Technical College LifeLong Learning.

Special blankets

Some parents are buying bullet-resistant blankets for children. An Oklahoma company sells a blanket to protect children from gunfire. We just might try and get one of these for our grandson, who lives in the Atlanta area. Priced at $1,000, this blanket also provides tornado protection. With orders coming in from France, Germany, South Korea and other countries, it’s sad that we need a product like this.

New bag rules

New carry-on-bag rules will keep you from taking your favorite suitcase on the plane. Be aware that American, Delta and United have new carry-on limits. It is now 14-inch maximum width. This is why you see so many gorgeous pieces of luggage on sale. They are too big and the stores are unloading them. A good choice for people on a strict budget would be the CalPak Valley Carry On Spinner, which runs about $60.

Shopping tips

You can shop on a budget. I was surprised to see Elder Beerman used the word “stacking” on a sales promotion this week. If you didn’t understand the lingo “stacking” you wouldn’t know this means you can use different coupons and money-offs together. Elder Beerman is fighting for your dollars. What this means for you the shopper is greatly reduced clothing.

Usually, clothing stores demand you use their charge card to get these deals. The strategy is pay off that bill when it comes. Put the money aside and be sure you pay it in full when it comes due. You will owe no interest, usually at 24 percent, if you pay it off on the first billing.

Did you know Belk will allow you to use its credit card and pay it off immediately after the transaction? You can buy the item, use the credit card to get the reduced price, and then simply say, “I would like to pay that off now.” No problem. The cashier will do that, and you will never receive a bill in the mail.

We know paying with cash keeps our budgets in line, but stores have figured that out, and demand you use their credit cards to save money. The couponer always figures out a better way to get that deal. The finance rates at these stores are extremely high. Back-alley rates if you will. Be determined you don’t fall into that trap. Play their game, but make sure you win.

Download an app for the store you are getting ready to shop. The apps on your smartphone can alert you to special deals and discounts. I keep all my rewards, coupons and sales circulars in one place. Put them together before you go into the store. If you forget your coupons, go back home and get them. When I began couponing, I made the commitment to myself that if I forgot my coupons, my list or my sales circular, I had to go back home and get it. I did forget twice, but then it becomes so in-grained you will remember.

Clip those coupons

This is Procter and Gamble week, and it would be a good investment to buy more than one newspaper for these coupons. The couponer buys several sets each week. Personally, I buy five to seven. If it’s a really good deal, I want to take more than one at that savings. With couponing tricks, we need more than one set to do some of the deals.

Does it pay me to take more than one newspaper? One coupon can pay for that paper, and give me $100 worth of products with the rest of the coupons in the newspaper. The P&G is your most important circular because it lasts an entire month and those deals go all month long.

Here’s an example this week of how having extra newspapers can help you get a real deal. Have you priced Pantene Shampoo lately? It can range in the $5-plus area.

CVS has a sale on Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner this week at three for $10, which in itself is good. Bring in that $5 coupon off three and it’s much better. But couponers look for a really hot deal and we buy in multiples to save the most money. The trick this week is to buy nine shampoos or conditioners. Use three $5 coupons, pay $15 and you will receive a free $10 gas card.

Wasn’t that fun? Last week, we had two gas cards and one rebate Visa card from Crest to take to the gas station. They were easy to use.


Quarterly bucks are here. This is a reward for buying at CVS. They reward you in so many ways for shopping at their store. I have more than $20 to spend any way I want. I like to say they pay me to come in their store, but they really do.

You might find you have store dollars waiting for you in the red and yellow coupon center. Always always use that first when entering the store. It is the key to all deals. If I pick up a $3 off $15 shampoo or conditioner store coupon, I just made the deal up above a super killer deal, and that coupon does exist.

Pantene: three for $10; buy nine; use three $5 P&G coupons; use store coupon if you get it; pay $15 or less and get a $10 gas card

Metamucil: 10 count for $2.99; get $1.99 ExtraBucks; use $1 P&G coupon; limit one

Canada Dry, A&W or Sunkist: 12 ounce 12 packs; $4 when you buy three for $11; use coupons $1 for one deal; limit one deal. Stock up on Canada Dry Ginger Ale. There is a terrible virus going around, and you will be very glad if you have some in stock.

Downey Liquid or Unstoppable, Bounce or Gain Fireworks: buy two, get $3 EB; use $1 off two coupon

Tide Pods: These rarely go on sale. Because of the new Tide Pod in Gentle, they are priced at $4.99 minus $2 coupon and are $2.99; no limit. Shop early for this one.

Loreal Hair Color: $5 EB when you buy $15; limit one; use $2 coupon on each box. Watch for store coupon to stack.

Tampax Radiant or Pearl tampons: 16 to 18 count minus $2 coupon P&G; $1 EB; limit one

The $10 gas card still applies this week to specified items. You are given so many incentives to shop CVS. No, I am not paid to push CVS. I’m asked that often. I’m simply paid to shop there, and you can be, too.

Clean and good

I recently ate at Chick-fil-A in Ashland recently, and it was super clean. Thank you for providing such a clean environment to eat. The bathroom was spotless, counters and tables shiny, no flies and the staff was wonderful.


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