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January 26, 2014

01/26/2013 — Lee Ward: Keeping warm may not be fashionable, but who cares?

ASHLAND — The Farmer’s Almanac was right. I read about the weather last fall when I got a copy and it predicted little precipitation this winter but unusually low temperatures.

I’m never ready for cold weather, but I can tolerate it if the roads aren’t treacherous. However, 4 below zero is pretty tough to take, even if the roads are clear. Comfort nearly always trumps fashion for me, but I think it should for everyone during weather like that.

 I’ve had to endure some pretty cold temperatures, from waiting at the bus stop, to marching in the high school band during football season, to plowing my way to work in January before sunup. I’ve learned a few tricks to keep warm.

‰Go out about a half hour before you’re going to drive to work or school and start the car. Do not leave it running unlocked. Use your spare keys (meaning don’t lock your keys inside your running car).

‰Dress in layers and tuck shirts into pants. The layers act as insulation; tucking undershirts into pants helps hold in your body heat.

‰Wear pantyhose under your pants. I realize nowadays, most women don’t wear pantyhose any where any time. They’re restrictive, uncomfortable and out of style. Most of the time, the legs are so short, the crotch plants itself firmly between your knees. Put aside your pride, buy a larger pair and put them on under your pants when the temperatures dip below zero. It will be more comfortable than freezing.

‰Note to men: Wear pantyhose under your pants. They’ll keep you warm and who’s going to know? It’s not too girlie for you. Remember the famous and handsome football player Joe Namath? He wore them in a television commercial. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.

‰Wear lipstick. It will protect your lips from the cold and wind and it makes you look pulled together. In this case, men are right to reject my advice (you don’t have to go as far as wearing lipstick), but men should wear some kind of lip balm. Nobody wants (or likes) chapped lips.

‰Don’t worry so much about your hair. Wear a hat. It might look dorky, but it feels so good not to have the icy wind whipping in one ear and out the other. Worried about hat hair? Don’t. Nobody has a good hair day every day. What better day to have a bad hair day than on a day that a lot of people don’t even go outside and won’t be seeing you.

Besides, do you really care what everybody thinks about your hair?

LEE WARD can be reached at lward@dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2661.

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