Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

July 4, 2013

Carrie Stambaugh: The super powers of Summer Motion: 7/5/13

Carrie Stambaugh
The Independent

ASHLAND — The week of Summer Motion always makes me feel like a super woman who lives in a community of superheroes.

During this one week, I seem to get more accomplished than any other week of the year — maybe all of them combined. In addition, I watch Summer Motion committee members, volunteers, residents and business owners all around me doing the same.

For one week, this community is an unstoppable force. Nothing, not monsoon rains or tree-toppling derecho winds, can stand in the way of Summer Motion. The festival always goes on and it is always a world-class event that brings happiness and creates memories for hundreds.

But it is so much more than that.  

It is a source of ongoing pride for the area. It is a living, breathing example of the energy in this place and what can be accomplished when it’s harnessed and directed for a common cause.  

 After years of covering Summer Motion as a reporter, I was invited three years ago to join the organizing committee. It was an honor I instantly accepted.

In the short time I’ve lived in the Tri-State, Summer Motion has become a week I look forward to all year solely because it is the source of so much unbridled joy. Watch a child win the worm race or catch a couple dancing in the moonlight to their favorite song and you’ll understand.

Although a massive amount of energy goes into planning and preparation, the magic happens when the festival finally arrives. As a woman remarked to me this week, there is a certain thrill in the conundrum.

There are always unexpected challenges and last-minute opportunities that arise. Embracing and tackling these is a giant exercise in critical thinking, teamwork and logistics.

The fun is in looking at an obstacle, identifying what skills and resources are needed, finding them and then working side by side to get something done.

It’s that feeling, the knowledge of being a part of something so much bigger than one’s self, that makes Summer Motion incredible. It’s a super-human feeling that lasts long after the final fireworks fade.

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