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December 29, 2013

How to get fit after the holidays

ASHLAND — Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get serious about our weight. We’ve had weeks of decadent Holiday eating. Everything in its season, and the season of fattening foods is over. Now you will see reflected in the stores that it is time for the new year. This follows with the no. 1 New Year’s resolution: Losing weight.

You will see yogurts, Special K cereal, Smart Ones Frozen Dinners, Yoga Mats, Danskin Exercise Wear and StarKist Tuna. All these things will be timed with a coupon and a sale.

Approach your body like you do your budget. Track everything you eat and your exercise.

How to lose

5 lbs. quick

Eat only broiled, boiled or baked chicken or fish. Load up on vegetables to help curb hunger.

Walk or work out. If you  sweat, you’re doing it right. Even cleaning your house vigorously counts. Do needed work outside. Don’t be sedentary.

Carry snacks with you such as almonds or melon balls.

Drink water whenever you can. At zero calories, we are dropping sugary sodas for awhile. Change to unsweet tea or coffee. Drop the creamers. Use Stevia to sweeten.

Keep a low-fat soup made, such as vegetable soup. Turkey chili is another favorite.

When cooking, think of ways to make the meal less fattening. Cuttting out fat and calories will help you lose quicker. Many people won’t diet long if they don’t see fast results.

When you eat out, share an order with a friend. My friend Jo Anna has lost 20 lbs. using these tips. She insisted that we share a Fajita, and it was plenty to eat. We also shared the price. The meal was fewer calories and cheaper, too.

Walk a dog, save your heart

The American Heart Association found that owning a dog is associated with lowering cardiovascular disease by encouraging exercise and lowering heart rate and stress levels. It can lead to physical activity, a healthy diet and cholesterol reduction. Adopt a dog if you feel one would fit in your lifestyle, and save two lives — yours and the little one’s.

When adopting, watch free training videos online first. Youtube has many. Make sure you can make the changes needed in the household for a pet to have a long, happy life.

If you hate exercise, you might need a walking buddy to keep you at it, and a dog must be walked. This makes us more social, as we walk up the street and meet the neighbors. Most people are more approachable if they are walking a cute, well-behaved dog.

Staying physically active makes the pounds drop off faster.

Cooking at home allows you to keep control of the food that goes into your mouth. Wash and cut vegetables ahead of time. If you get hungry, you can grab these before your hunger causes you to cheat on your diet.

Reward yourself for weight loss, not with food, but with a new piece of clothing. Get a new pair of socks or a scarf, and later you will need a new pair of smaller pants.

Here is a weight loss app for your phone you might enjoy.

The My Healthy Habits App encourages:

‰A to-do list for the first week of Jan.

‰Change calenders. Write birthdays and all appointments on the new calender

‰Start a new folder for 2014 taxes

Need the perfect purse or dress for a special occasion, but don’t have enough cash? Try renting. You can rent a designer find for about $5 a day. See bagborroworsteal.com.


Watch tvseries.net has free old movies and newer ones. Also, series such as Downton Abbey.

The Kindle Fire and regular Kindle are gifts that pay for themselves. If you buy from Amazon.com and have Prime, you can rent books for free and put free books on your Kindle. Just download, and they’re yours to keep. Magazines are cheaper, and there are more listed than you can ever see in the store. This is because of the cost of putting them in a store.

Amazon will send you an email each day of completely free books to download to your Kindle. My friend Nancy has over a thousand books on hers.

Your double quarterly bucks from CVS will be here on Jan 1st. Use manufacturers’ coupons and stack with store coupons to make the most of them.

This is Procter & Gamble week. I suggest buying extra newspapers for the best savings during the month.


Nivia Body Wash or Lotion $5 EB if you spend $10 Use $1 mnfr. coupon on each bottle. There is an active store coupon for $2 off. Limit one deal.

There is a P&G sale. Spend $20, get $5 EB. Spend $30, get $10 EB.

Dawn Dish Liquid 99 cents minus .50 cents equals 49 cents each

Tide $5.94 minus $1.50 P&G coupon equals $4.44

Covergirl excludes the Bombshell mascara and the $3 coupon.

This sale is what it originally adds up to, not what you are going to pay.

Bounty 12-pack. Use .25 coupon equals 81 cents a roll

Febreeze Noticeable Refill $3.99 with a $2 coupon

Osteo Bi Flex B1G1 Free $5 coupon. Use one on each box.


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