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January 18, 2012

TIM PRESTON: Taking it off, store opportunities and technology help

Tim Preston
The Independent

ASHLAND — I’m sticking to my promise to avoid writing about diet food as I attempt to get rid of the spare tire I’ve developed in recent months, although I will write about a few of the options I’ve been exercising as part of the effort.

I have to be honest about this. I’m not on a diet (actually snacking on mini Reese’s as I type this), although I am trying to alter my eating habits and become more aware of what I’m ingesting on a daily basis.

When I started this project at the end of 2011, it didn’t take long to conclude I know little to nothing about nutrition. My goal is actually to alter my eating habits and stop the overeating and grazing (chips, cookies and treats) that I’m so guilty of. I’m also trying to eliminate at least a few of the five to six sodas and countless snacks I mindlessly consume on a daily basis.

When it came time to get some lunch on Monday, the only think I could think of was that guy Jared who used Subway sandwiches to drop a lot of weight, so I went to the Winchester Avenue location and had their next-to-lowest fat sub, which I enjoyed with a small bag of Sun Chips and a big glass of ice water. The next day presented a gift-card chance to have a meal at the Bob Evans in Cannonsburg, where I decided to make a selection from the low-cal options. I settled on the flounder with a baked potato and a salad.

Both meals were delicious, filling and much healthier than my usual bacon-topped cheeseburger and large fries with a chocolate shake lunch.

Once I started looking at menus, I also realized most places have a section in there devoted to lower fat and calorie entrees. And to my surprise, those healthy menu choices typically cost about the same as I would spend for one of my usual bags of burgers and fries. I’ve also concluded salad bars aren’t going to work well for my plan, as I can load a bed of lettuce with enough bacon, eggs, croutons and dressing to rival a double-patty cheeseburger slathered in special sauce.

If you have any favorite low-calorie/fat fast-food or casual dining dishes and combos, I welcome the suggestions and will pass them along for anyone else trying to shed a few pounds. No diet drinks or artificially fat-free anything will be accepted.

Store opportunities

I stopped by the former Stump’s Hallmark store at 1613 Winchester Ave. in downtown Ashland last week to talk with Kyle Robinson, owner of the recently opened Print My Threads shop.

Robinson said he hopes to have a new website up and running within a few days featuring individual “stores” for local schools, as well as organizations, clubs and businesses. Each school will receive a percentage of the amount spent in the online store, he explained. The shop owner and artist said the unique thing about the shop, in addition to a dedication to practicing eco-friendly operations, is it offers custom, full-color items, including photo reproduction, with absolutely no minimum purchase required.

Robinson has already selected a few of the most attention-grabbing designs, including guitars, big cats, flowers and Earth images, to be used as part of a sample wall inside the shop.

Print My Threads has been doing quite a bit of work for local 5k races, schools, medical offices, small organizations and clubs. With the new website, Robinson said customers will have art and other options that provide the ability to design their own shirts, or allow them to upload their own original design.

Print My Threads is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, “and obviously, 24 hours online,” Robinson said with a smile. For more information, visit printmythreads.com or call (606)571-0297.

High-tech confusion?

If you received a new smart phone or other wireless device for Christmas and you still haven’t figured out how to take advantage of its functions or capabilities, plan to attend an upcoming pre-work workshop hosted by Verizon Wireless.

The free workshop will be from 8 to 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Ashland Verizon Wireless Store at 416 Riverhill Dr., between Chick-Fil-A and Five Guys Burgers & Fries.

Trained data experts and sales representatives will answer questions about your device and demonstrate ways for people to be more savvy with their new technology. For more information call (606) 329-1022.


TIM PRESTON can be reached at tpreston@dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2651.