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February 12, 2012

TIM PRESTON: Fat Patty's jobs, Fank's, Fat Cat and chicken salad

The Independent

ASHLAND — If you want a job at the new Fat Patty’s in downtown Ashland, be there in person between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday for a chance to talk to the owner and managers, and pick up paperwork with more details about the restaurant’s employment opportunities.

Owner Clint Artrip said the first interviews had been scheduled for last week, although painting work precluded that possibility. Artrip said he has already hired a couple of cooks, but is still seeking the best candidates possible for every other position.

“Managers, servers, bartenders ... everything,” he said. “We will actually talk to people Tuesday, but we’re not going to hire that day.”

And, with everyone asking him the same question about the new location at the corner of 15th Street and Winchester Avenue, Artrip said he still can’t confidently say when the new restaurant will open. Contractors assure him their tasks will be completed by Wednesday, he reported, and he’s anxiously awaiting health officials’ approval for the installation of a small hand sink.

The sink installation will take about 30 minutes, he said with frustration apparent in his voice, although approval for the simple task is taking much longer.

“We will open one day in February — maybe Feb. 29 for Leap Year! One day in February, that’s my goal,” Artrip said, quickly adding “Or, March 7 as a worst-case scenario.”


Last Sunday, I asked for some field research for a place I’d been hearing about near Grayson with good barbecue. I was pleased to find several messages in the days following identifying the place as Fank’s (not Frank’s), owned and operated by Carter County magistrate Sonny Fankell in the former Randy's Roadside building. “He is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a wide variety of items on his menu,” a relative reports. “And, he seems to be doing really well.”

A voice message added Fank’s features “home cooking” served by three former employees of Rosie’s, along with “excellent barbecue beef ribs, baked beans and quite a good kind of different broccoli casserole.”

The caller said smoking is allowed and patrons seem to take full advantage of the opportunity, concluding “You don’t go for the atmosphere, but the food is good and the prices are reasonable.” Yet another caller simply said the restaurant on East Main Street in Grayson is “absolutely wonderful.”

The next time I’m in Grayson and have a few minutes, I’ll make a point of stopping by. For more information about Fank’s, call (606) 474-8446.

Fat Cat

I also spent some time talking about art in downtown Ashland as part of last week’s column and mentioned Fat Cat Art Studio in the mix of gallery spaces.

Fat Cat Art Studio, a couple of doors down from Jim’s Hot Dogs & Spaghetti at Suite 24 in the Camayo Arcade Building, is the working studio of artists Andi and Scott Sword, as well as being a place to show, see and sell art. The place specializes in art from every medium and artists are encouraged to bring in fresh, non-traditional art.

While I’ve enjoyed several of the rock-music theme works on display, it has also been fun watching the reaction of people passing by as they notice a few of the more modern works (translation — nude themes).

Fat Cat Art Studio is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. For more information, call (606) 739-9296.  

Chicken salad

As part of my ongoing research about good places to find a good chicken-salad sandwich, I got a call from our old buddy “Rajah” Ron Elliott a couple of weeks ago asking why I hadn’t been by to his wife Judy’s version of the classic lunch sandwich at the slightly renamed Rajah’s Lunch Bucket in the Meade Station Plaza on U.S. 60 in Summit.

I finally popped by one late afternoon last week with my wife and buddy/neighbor in tow. Judy just happened to be behind the counter, shaking her head and chuckling as she reported Ron was off in New Orleans “partying.”

My neighbor and I each ordered the chicken salad (mine with a slice of tomato and his with a little extra mayo), while my wife ordered a plain cheeseburger with fries. Knowing my neighbor can be a bit of a picky eater who will not hesitate to tell you if he doesn’t like something, I was watching for his reaction before I bit into my own sandwich. He took one bite and his face lit up before he declared, “Now this is delicious.” My sandwich was also tasty and I asked Judy if she would share the secret of her formula.

“I just use a hundred-year-old recipe that I’ve used for a hundred years,” she said, explaining it is a dish she now makes by memory with no measuring of anything involved.

For more information about Rajah’s Lunch Bucket, or to place an order, call (606) 929-5222.

And ...

Among the calls about Fank’s was a single message recommending a stop by Pure Pit Barbecue in Olive Hill. I’m not familiar with the place, so once again I ask independent researchers to drop by and let me know what they think.

TIM PRESTON can be reached at tpreston@dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2651.