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October 1, 2013

In Your View

ASHLAND — McFeatters’ piece is ‘biased garbage’

This is in response Ann McFeatters’  column in Sunday’s edition, and The Independent for continuing to run such biased garbage. Her column was fraught with innuendoes and personal opinion, nothing new for this journalist, but it had very little in the way of facts.

It was just good old liberal rambling with attempts at satire throughout. She attempted to paint Sen. Ted Cruz as a less-than-intelligent rogue, whose actions did nothing to serve the cause of the Republican Party or the American people.

I address two of her comments, which really point out the hypocrisy and misrepresentation within her column. “He came to (Washington) to obstruct,  block compromise, showboat and potentially damage the economy by trying to shut down the government.”

That’s absolutely false, as the House approved funding the government except for ObamaCare. Elected last year, Cruz is trying to score points with  people so disillusioned with the political system that they don’t care that the core of democracy  is reasoned debate and compromise.

Hypocrisy thy name is Ann McF … Lack of the last point is why we are fighting ObamaCare now. Nancy Pelosi’s comment we will pass it and then we will find out what is in it.

This administration has been steamrolling  the American people via presidential mandate and any other method to bypass Congress. Nothing has been done by “reasoned debate and compromise.”  Everything has been the POTUS, my way or the highway, with absolutely no congressional oversight.

Donald  Cartmill, Flatwoods

Cemetery is not being maintained

Why does the Catholic Church not take better care of the Catholic Cemetery on Pollard Road here in Ashland?

It’s sad. The lower half of the cemetery is clean and well maintained. However, the top part, out of public view, has been vandalized multiple times over the years and not a thing is done to fix it.

While walking through the cemetery recently, there were more stones turned over and purposely broken into pieces. That’s no accident. Crosses on some graves have been removed as well, and misplaced into other parts in the cemetery.

The Virgin Mary statue on the back side of the hill is in several pieces with her head missing. It has been for around three years now.

The gates aren’t even closed at night to at least make an attempt to keep people from destroying the place. More needs to be done to protect places like this.

The dead are gone and cannot protect themselves. How can they rest in peace while the place they lay is being torn down around them?

Jammie Leigh, Ashland

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